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MissyouMissme – 1

Well, this is my first post for the blog. This is a blog that i made to jot down how i felt at a certain time or days, my feelings towards a special love ones.

I have someone i loves, for more than 5 years, we have been good friends, being intimate, alot of arguments, alot of happiness we shared, but still, there seems a gap between us, i knew how much i love her, pretty much knew she felt the same. It’s just that maybe that time isn’t right yet. So we remain “close” friend.

Me? I am a 25 years old Male, student currently last semester of my MBA programme, used to work in a multinational company for like 3 years, then work at another smaller firm for like a year after my graduation from Marketing undergraduate.

She? Well, she is 25 years old Female, workaholic, likes to travel alot, working at a retail company, and half assisting her family business.

Me? I dont have much friends, because i seldom socialize, once in a while i will go out and have some gathering with friends, but most of the time, i spend my time at home with the following routine: Internet, Books, TV. Ever since i resigned from my work to focus study to complete the MBA, i have been calculative on spending money because, i am indeed paying my own fees and i personally do not think i can pay off the whole thing my self, luckily, i grant my parents support, lol with form of “family loan”

She? She have alot of friends, because she is a charmer, alot of guy friends as well. She likes traveling, been to numerous places with her colleagues and friends. As much as i know, she spend most of her time working, sleeping, teaing with friends and shopping with her mom. She has been working hard to pay off her credit cards (thanks to her rigorous spending while traveling)

Me? I miss her.

She? She should miss me as well.

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