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MissyouMissme – 2

Sent her a text message like half hour ago, telling her that she should take rest and tell her that i miss her.

No reply yet, but i think she must have got the message.

She? She came from a family of 6, consists of her lovely parents, 2 younger brother, the little dog named “Tiger” and lastly her.

Me? I came from a family of 4, consists of my lovely parents, 1 younger brother and no dog.

She? She likes travel alot as i mentioned earlier, she did suggest before that she should possibly looking for another guy who like traveling like her. She mentioned that i do not like traveling. I explained to her, i seldom go for travel because i am busy with my work and study, even when i finally free from my work to focus on my study, i cut off the thoughts of going for travel because of budget constraints.

Me? I would like to travel around the world one day, with the one that i love. Found her yet? ya, found. Love her? Yes. For sure? Yes. Blah… Why she have the impression that i do not like to travel? because every time she goes travel with her friends, i miss her so much, therefore i do not like her to go travel, selfish am i? or pity me for missing her so much?

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