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MissyouMissme – 17

Two of my friends will get married by tonight, they met each other while work and having been together for 2 years, they finally decided that it is time to get married, well, both of them in their 30’s. I sincerely wish them happy forever.

That in turn make me questioning myself. Will i be able to rejuvenate my career back? Im 25 and near 26 years old when the coming years draws near. And i am still pampering in my parents house, no assets, no working, no money. Having stop working for 8 months and paying off all the debts which include my MBA fees, i am technically broke. The good news is, i still have two more subject to go, having passing through the other 10 subjects, my MBA looks certain. But…

But in view of the certain economy crisis and turmoil, will i be able to revive myself? I simply owe her too much, i wish can be more flexible in giving myself to her, we never been to movies together, we never have dinner together (just the two of us), we never openly admit our relationship in front of friends and family. In fact, we never do really sharing our way of life. I blame myself for many of the problems.

Too many things i wish to do together with her, i should just bought a car and drove her around, but hey, i cant afford that yet.

I need to succeed in my career, i need to fasten my study and allow myself to get back to the workings society. I need money, i need career, and i need her alot alot.

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