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MissyouMissme – 21

Its been awhile since i last updated the blog, by all means, i am healthy. Been busy due to the pending study, now going to deal with my last paper, and after that, im done with the MBA programe. Im have not been working since March 2008, and to be frank, i felt pretty boring. Study break, is gonna end soon, another 3 – 4 months, im gonna start looking for a new job soon. Been worry about the future lately, im 26 by this year, not a so call impressive resume, been working in some multinational corp for a few years, been involve in some management level operation, but still, with the current economy meltdown, even with an MBA (presumably i’m done with the last paper), im still worry, but lets be optimistic, positive, right?

I’ve talk about my relationship with the girl i love pretty much all over this blog, our relationship seems to improve over the past few months, we walk at the park, we holding hands together, we kiss each others etc. I am pretty optimistic about our relationship.

She has been acting weired / strange lately (past 4 days), usually she will give me a call or messages before her sleep, usually she will pick up or call back to me incase she cant attend to the call. But hey, something must have happen….

I trust her 100%, therefore, im not worry about her seeing others, she might be busy, i told myself, she work hard, serious about her job, she always felt the tension (maybe due to lack of confident) but hey, she may be busy at her end (Since this is not the first time it happen). Today is valentine eve, while she maybe busy at her work, to prepare event or such for her company.

But why am i telling u all this? I dunno. Anyway, i will further update on the event.

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