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MissyouMissme – 28

She has became my little diary. I’m used to tell her everything, how i felt, what i’ve done etc. Since we dont get to meet each other every other day, i have been sending her short messages through phones. Since she is busy, i often dont get any reply from her. Then i blame her, why she dont tell me how she felt, what she’ve done. Well, because im not her little diary, at least yet.

How to make her my little diary? well i cant, have been trying for years. She is still closing her door to me. Because of this, i felt miserable, felt lack of trust, and uncertainty.

I certainly need someone to talk to, but who? I prefer female friends to talk to, kind of akward to have two guys talking about lovelife relationship over the phone, and even its ok to do so, but i hardly able to tell him my heart on how i felt.

I shall give her some space and stop sending her my diary messages. Well, i’ll try to do it with the blog instead.

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