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MissyouMissme – 31

13 March 2009

12.03 am – Good night my dear, i miss you alot, alot alot
1.59am – I cant sleep, miss you alot
9.29am – Good morning my dear, its raining heavily, as heavy as i miss you
10.52am – Gonna have breakfast now, miss you somemore
1.00pm – Not feeling well, have been in and out the bathroom, wanna go hit the gym room
1.50pm – Just finish running for 30 minutes on treadmill at the gym room, burning 200 calories, tired, gonna take bath and rest, miss you here.
3.15pm – Felt cool after bath, possible fever, miss you my dear.
4.03pm – Confirm im on fever, sleeping on the bed now, feeling cool, miss you my dear, wishing to hold your warm hand.
6.59pm – Still fever, feeling cool
7.39pm – Fever 102 Celsius, Ate medicine, resting on the bed with comforter, miss you
11.36pm – Feeling better now, miss you my dear.

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