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MissyouMissme – 33

To Her (LWL):

We shall be normal friends for now. I’m single and available now, actively seeking for a new girl friend. Wish you all the best. And do not worry about me, at least, i wont commit suicide.

I do not want you to forget me, neither nor i want to forget you. If cupid do want us together, then we might still find each other again in the future. But for now, i will accept the fate as a friend.

If i able to get a new girl friend, i’ll gonna let you know ya. We should sometimes jogging together too, well i doubt you will still jogging with me, but hey, its something friends do right?

Other than that, Good luck with you and Douglas, dont ever wear the black sleep wear for him. That’s for me only. Well you probably cant wear it for me now, so you may just keep it aside, you may throw away those stuffs that i given to you, i do understand if u ever have a reason to do that.

But, please keep our lovely memory deep in your heart please.

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