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2nd post! World of Warcraft

Welcome to coffeenottea.wordpress.com. This is my 2nd post. Hope you enjoy the blog. Lets get rolling.

Long story short, i play WoW  retail since end of Arena Season 4, prior to that, i’ve played more than a year of private server as a Troll hunter. Played wow retail since end of S4, gonna retry S6 & S7 with my brother’s new character a druid instead of rogue.

I first get into the game when my brother, and his local geek friends bump into a local World of Warcraft private server and i thought hey why not then give it a try. Although the private server is buggy compared to its retail gameplay, it is free of subscription fees and consider much much better in connectivity wise, since Malaysia’s internet connection is unfit and turtling.

The step up to retail prove to be one of the most enriching decision i have made in my gaming / entertainment life (i see WoW as part of my entertainment). Not only retail is almost free of bug, it encourage the types of community that never i have encounter before. The downside is the connection, which sadly i have to endure 600 – 1000 latency through those gameplay. It fares a little better if i decided to play it at the local Lan shop (Cyber Cafe, we call them), other than that, only leveling and Battleground (BG) can be done at my old destop with the 1MB connection (Wireless). Also because of this, i have spend plenty of time surfing and milking the wow auction house (AH) for ingame gold. (One of the main seller of Enchanting mats in my server)

I have my arena debut at the end of S4 (serious shit) with my brother’s rogue, we run BM hunter / Rogue for 2v2, without a healer, it is fruitless and we hover around 1550 – 1600 rating.  Lol argument broke us and we stop.

S5, i teamed up with a Restoration Shaman (RL friend) for 2v2 speccing survival hunter. We force our way to 1800 rating then we decided to stop the struggle (mostly due to Pally and DK, lol). I have then stop my subscription since then (a little more than 3 months since my stop). I’ve plan to make a come back to arena at S7 (now is S6), but technically my shaman and most of the other RL friends have quit Wow for other mmorpg (korean game, no subscription fees)

Solution? My brother trained up a druid (Level 76 now) and we possibly gonna team up again starting in S6 and seriously try to force our way up to 2k rating in S7. Well, 2k rating nowadays is much easier to reach compare with 2 season ago, nowadays, Gladiator mostly hover around 2400++, so 2k is not so distant far.

So, what am i waiting for? I;m waiting for the druid to hit level 77 and then waiting for a scroll of resurrection.

Note: Connection with 2mb fixedline (Streamyx) + tunnel = 350 – 450 ms

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