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Hunter Ressurected!

Gonna comment on my wow experience here (I will try not to be so wow technical)

I glad to be able to roam the Azeroth and Northend again. Jumping around with my Level 80 Orc Hunter proved to be unexpected joyous moment for me. After leaving the game since roughly 3 months ago, i’m overjoyed to be once again fighting side my side with the likes of Orc Hero, Thrall and Hellscream.


My bro, have cast me a scroll of resurrection (he will get a month free of wow subscription if I begin subscription again, only available for account stopped for more than 3 months) and I gladly accepted the 10 days trial. I have mentioned in my previous post that we are gonna attempt arena once again, therefore, if nothing out of ordinary, I will continue my subscription.

Finally, I am able to try out the new duel spec system, I found it chunky at first, costing me 1k gold (in-game currency) certainly don’t help. But after playing around with the system, I found it pretty useful especially if I’m gonna switch between a pvp spec and raiding spec; or another pvp spec; or another hybrid spec; or another retard spec, well u got the idea.

I’ve spend a few times resetting the talent, only to realize today that I can actually enable certain setting to allow, confirm of talent point, therefore, technically, I can spec how many times I want before I finally press confirm.

With all the new talent design / changes in the Marksman (MM) tree, I am pretty excited in finally speccing one and try on at the target dummy. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot Shoot and more shoot shoot, hmm, those damage seems static, well what to expect, since the spec is mostly depending on weapon damage, I am unfortunately still using the Uber Quake Engineering Gun, aka Nessingway 4000. Albeit with all the control that MM tree provide (silencing shot – weeeeeee now off global cooldown, scatter shot, chimera / concussive shot daze etc), there is way too many global cooldown to manage, finding even MM+LNL spec (LNL meaning Lock and Load, a hunter survival talent – you lock the enemy and load the enemy with jokes and spam LOL) retarded, ummm, inefficient.

After being upset with my down to earth damage, i resort to my secondary talent tree. Well, Hunter Hero – Twixx who played BM hunter in MLG Columbuuuusss recently with his team (EMG), ran a PHD setup, (acronym for Paladin, Hunter and DK  these are classes in world of warcraft) and terrorize Hydra (claimed by the community as the best priest in the world) and fellow RMP team (acronym for Rogue, Mage, Priest  also classes in wow). They finish off the competition as runners up to SK Gaming US (Team name – not acronym) who ran RMP (acronym, not team name) as their setup.

Confuse? Lol (Laugh out loud) To sum it up, Twixx, who?  HUNTER HERO again popularized the BM hunter tree and resuming the hatred of other class (Paladin, DK, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Druid, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior) against hunter. Nerf BM tree, that’s what everyone echoing before SK US beaten EMG and finally won the tournament (something, the team with the claimed best priest in the world cant do). It technically shut up those QQers, slap their mouth, kick their butt. It’s not BM hunter who have the most problem, as mentioned by many many elite hunter, the class should be revamped, but not change it by simply nerfing it.

OK, back to my Orc hunter entourage, I specced into BM hunter and again I try the target dummy, I shoot shoot shoot, shoot, shoot and my pet, claw, bite, eat, and chew the dummy. My pet = FIERCE; My damage = WEAK and EXCITELESS. Well, the whole point of BM is for the Bestial Wrath (BW – immune to nuclear bomb and its radiation) – avoid CC and movement impairing, damage seems to be secondary here, since its more of a mobile mortal strike and support machine.

To make long story short, I respecc the MM tree back to survival and I shoot, shoot shoot, shoot shoot shoot again at the target dummy and respeccing it into heavy stamina (enchant etc). In the end, I just find survival hunter suit me the most, since I am lazy and find it more relax to play survival (less GCD and more RNG)


Spend some time taming a new pet – wolf and attempt some pet leveling while helping my bro level his druid (DRUID SHOULD BE HUNTER PET). We ran across a Rare spawn elite mob – “Dirkee”, some sort of robotic retarded, head heavy stuff. Strategy? FD (Feign Death) and let the tree (druid – level 78 at that time) tanked the boss and I keep shooting at the back.

Note: I’m currently on 4/5 Hateful gear, full Deadly offset, and others. Planning to get the new Titan forged mail dps chest and replace the current “old” Titan forged mail helm to make it back to 4/5 Hateful (for the 4 set bonus). Gonna farm the Titan forged trinket too. By then, I shall start off arena and able to get some arena points and replace those Hateful gear, and hopefully, with enough rating to change my offset and weapon (Uber Quake Engineering Gun, aka Nessingway 4000) to Furious level. More on my progression next post. My Armory

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