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Druid level 80, Arena new experience

PhotobucketAfter some tremendous effort in the last 48 hours, the druid (Biomehanika, my brother’s druid) finally achieved level 80. With some leatherworking Rare gear (Blue) and several low level epic, the druid is pretty much ready for some action. We opted to celebrate the achievement by starting our arena journey on the same day.

After  19 games of hard fought or being facerolled match, we end up having a 4 win and 15 lose ratio, having played most of the game as resto druid (tree of life) and a few of them as moonkin spec.

Most of them matches end up pretty fast as we are certainly not well prepare for all kind of arena situation and scenario. I am obviously slow on my reaction, after more than 3 months break from wow; while my brother suffer from unfamiliarity with the class (druid, since he used to play a rogue) and the spec (since he level up mostly as moonkin spec).



After 5 – 6 games, we started to get some momentum and at least able to perform some cc rotation (eg. wyvern -> cyclone). Most of the game sees damage focus on the druid (obviously with its low hp – 15k hp). 200+ resilence certainly dont help.

Since our main problem at this moment is our undergear (I am still using hateful arena gear, while others are already using deadly gear at least, druid = blue gear + a few epic), i am not concern at all with the result, althought it is not preety, but it ain’t that bad either. With better gear and improved chemistry and teamwork, we shall improve our winning ratio.

PhotobucketOne thing to note is: since i’m speccing my survival hunter with stamina focus (stam enchant and gemming), my hunter is able to sustain 26k hp without buff (although with the sacrifice of some dps and crit), this no doubt has improved my survivability, allowing more room for damage before my healer land a heal. The disadvantage: pretty sure that all of the enemy would now aim my healer druid partner (lol 16k hp with mark of the wild).

By the end of 19 games of arena, we ended up with a pathetic 188 team rating (wonder how much arena point can it rack up). Hopefully, things will get better / improve by next week, hopefully have time to farm some arena / better gear with lots of wintergrasp game, battlegound, possible raiding or crafting gear.

Better arena in the coming week.

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