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Maintenance Day – Introducing MilkCoffee

wow saved instance1st post, its a maintenance day, well that’s what I called it, finally granted me some free time to do things IRL. to pretty much explain how “no-life” am I: after 3 days of ding-ing 80, I got my instance status saved with almost all the raids. Some of the raids were fruitful, for instance I get myself a chest and a trinket from Naxx10, another trinket in OS10, as well as an extra profit of BOE epic sword. Tea sold it in auction house this morning and reaped couple hundreds of gold to cover for the enchantments instead. not too bad at all i would say.

For the time being, we are definitely looking forward to the next arena day for practices and more peeveepee experience. Improvement of gears are progressing rather hasty but yet the gears have done nothing less but buffed me in terms of Health pool, mp5 and spell powers. More of it, current gear status has been fully epic (item level with 200-213) except for the right ring. I saved this slot for a pvp reward ring, as resilience is what I lack at the moment.

Socketing the gears are still problematic at the moment as my rogue has insufficient JC tokens to buy the needed designs. By looking the pathethic 224 resilience (the amount the druid have atm), I am seriously thinking about gemming resilience / stam to boost the damage mitigation. In short, chinese would call the druid “taofu” (豆腐).

Apart from WoW, weekdays have been hectic as there are classes  that last 2 hours each and sometimes requires you to stay in the college for more than 6 hours due to break times are mostly scheduled for 2 hours between classes. The word “assignment” is lurking around the corner too. So there’s definitely a time where the druid becomes inactive and stay planted in the santuaries or cities.

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