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2nd week of WOW Arena!

Second week of arena has been fruitful for us, as we tasted some winning success. We played 17 games this week and resulted 10 wins and 7 loses, while team rating stagnant at 642 at the moment. Unfortunately, we are not able to attempt more arena game due to lack of time. Photobucket

After some tried and error, i’ve finally settle down as MM (0/53/18) Chimera build. The change from Survival to MM spec will benefit our arena comp since with the old survival build offer sustain damage from Explosive shot and aimshot (good for slowly burning down opponents defensive cooldown and mana), only to find my druid (Biomehanika) suffer from lack of gear symdrome and having difficulties to sustain in long game. By altering the spec, i would now have sustain and constant damage from Chimera / serpent sting, aimshot, arcane shot; interrupt in the form of silencing shot and scatter shot, as well as readiness, the abilities to refresh all cooldown; and killshot, which finishing off the opponent if they’re in >30% hp with a hugh damage blow.

While strategies may different from game to game, most of our game this week depends heavily on the druid’s cyclone to cc the opponent healer to land a kill. There is still hell alot of room for improvement, such as coordination for cc and silencing shot. More practice will be needed to form some understanding.

Both of us work hard to get better / gear. I am 4 more days away from getting my new staff – Staff of Feral Furies from the Argent Tournament questing. Although it is not a heavy buff to my current 2 dagger combined, at least it looks more solid and enbuild with some armor. Biomehanika is raiding like rabbit to get somemore epic gear, from Naxx, OS and VOA, both 10 and 25 man. His gear has improved significantly over the last one week. In no time, he should be arena ready and i cant wait for next week arena attempt as we push for 1300 rating. Photobucket

With the recently announced initial 3.2 patch notes, there are alot of nerfs and buffs that is yet to be confirmed. I would say no point crying on them at the moment as it may or may not even make it to live.

One thing that particularly catchy to my eyes is the proposed 3.2 changes to arena:

The newest season of Arena gear can only be purchased if you meet the requirements with your 3 or 5 player team rating. Rating requirements from 2 player teams can still be used to purchase the previous season of gear.

The above changes will eventually makes me an unhappy man. Where the hell do i find another arena mate for 3.2?

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