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Arena week #4

We find our self having problem in gaining high rating this week, only able to achieve 1230 rating this week. Our rating fluctuate between 1230 and 1290.


We are having problem with warrior, dk’s, warlock, and holy pally. Any combination with the above class usually prove fatal. My QQ: Warrior usually with high HP and uber damage output, dk’s =high HP and high survivability and high damage output, warlock with alot of utilities with super hard to die damage mitigation, and high damage output, and finally holly pally with super defensive setup, high mana regen and uber healing.

We found our self playing at a miserable state with averagely 550 – 1000 ms, the pc and the cyber cafe where we played our games also squishy and laggy. There is an roughly 1 sec delay to every key or movement we make. Which, in the end, we decided to call it a day. We are currently in the look out for other available cyber cafe with better internet connection.

  1. July 7, 2009 at 9:45 am


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