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MJ connect to WOW

I’m greatly despair with the recent fallen of a super star in the form of Michael Jackson (MJ). As a fan after having endless fond memories with many of his songs. This post will attempt to connect MJ to the World of Warcraft (wow). To pay respect to the demised superstar.


(Not so) Facts:

  • MJ start off playing wow together with his brothers: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and formed a guild back then named: “The Jackson 5”. MJ decided to leave the guild and go solo afterwards.
  • Michael Jackson (MJ) probably born as nightelf and decided to become bloodelf.
  • MJ is the friend of Kalgan, because Kalgan approved MJ whitening switch.
  • MJ is the first wow character apporved by Blizzard to switch faction.
  • MJ downed Patchwerk (a Level ?? undead boss at Naxxramas) because he wear a “Drape of Surgery
  • MJ often visits the local barbershop to change his appearance, which prompt Blizzard to add in a new achievement in patch 3.2: “KING OF SURGERY” with the requirement of 100 appearance change at the barbershop.
  • Although he look pretty much like a bloodelf after numerous makeover, he still maintain its nightelf’s trademark crotch holding dance.
  • Blizzard subsequently nerf MJ, because MJ’s nose is too imba.
  • MJ obviously a nightelf druid because, in the memory of MJ, Blizzard allow druid to have new skin, practically allowing any future MJ/MJ wannabe/MJ fans to convert (skin whitening) without coversion to bloodelf.
  • With the conversion from nightelf to bloodelf, MJ is the first bloodelf druid.
  • MJ looks like undead without his make up.
  • MJ loves children week, as much as i do.
  • MJ use his Hearthstone while his orphan/children/son/daughter/prince/princess with him at children’s week to get “Home Alone” achievement. He sang “You Are Not Alone“!
  • MJ loves Zebra, due to its black & white appearance , therefore, he join blizzard “Recruit a friend” program, introducing his fans to play wow, and subsequently got himself a swift zhevra mount. But MJ prefer white Zebra instead of black & white stripe.

No mean to disrespect to MJ and his beloved fans, if MJ do play wow, i will /dance with him all day long,

MJ is a Bloodelf, therefore, For the Horde! Screw the alliance!

Lets spam MJ songs at the trade channel!

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