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Arena week #6 & Hurray Adebayor OUT!

July 18, 2009 – Finally 1400+

After 64 games with 32 wins and 32 loses, in a staggering 6 hours of arena game play, our team (coffeenottea) finally achieved 1400+ rating. This week, i (hunter) played as survival hunter, while milkcoffee (druid) played as resto. Most game won with coordination of cc (freezing trap, wyvern sting, cyclone), vipersting won us many games vs priest team, but unfortunately, we lost every single game that include a warlock.Photobucket

Biome (milkcoffee’s druid) faired better vs warrior this week, with resto druid able to heal through the damage of bladestorm; also, since we played as hunter/restodruid, we are able to kill off the gargoyle fast, before it deal out too much damage.

1400+ rating finally allow us to have our first furious gear (wrist) and we foresee that we can go further in our next arena day. (Possible 1500/1600) While i sincerely believe that we have still alot to learn in terms of skill wise and arena experience, our main issue nowadays = the lack of good internet connection to play arena. We played through the whole 64 games with an average ms of 500 – 900ms. Sad story.

Bad connection

With the growing numbers of wow players from Malaysia and Singapore, i sincerely hope that blizzard will consider setting up a Southeast Asia server, possibly station its server at Singapore or Johor (Malaysia). Alot of my real life wow mate (Malaysian) quit the game due to many of the issues we have while playing wow.

Since the local ISP is way too inefficient, players have no choice but resort to using tunnel service (wowtunnel, gamepath), although it do increase our gaming experience, we are taking extra unnecessary risk in the form of: a) getting ban by blizzard? b) getting hack? c) etc. Also, because of our weak currency – Ringgit Malaysia, we are practically paying RM55 per month for a game that is laggy and having various connection issue. While many of the new MMORPG out there are free to play with optional pay for gears or upgrade, tentatively, many will opt to switch to a free game that can be played without the LAGNESS.

Authenticator? 1) it is not for sale in Malaysia (as far as i know). Luckily, we can now have authenticator services through Iphone. But hey, we have to buy an Iphone just to safe guard my wow account? Also, to counter the unstable houseline issue, most Malaysian wow players prompt to play wow at the local cybercafe, which in turns costing more $$$ and facing up more risk from keylogger and account hacker. 6 out of 10 of my Malaysian wow mate have at least experiencing once time of their account being hacked.

Hurray, Adebayor gone!

Finally, the lazy fella (oops) headed to Manchester City in a P$25 million deal. Good job for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for selling him.

Hughes confirmed: ‘Emmanuel has shown his quality over many years. He is a proven scorer in the Premier League and for us it’s all about having different options and carrying a goal threat, whoever we play. We have to get all our players to the right level so that in any given game we have the right combinations.’

Ya right, proven goal scorer? True. LAZY FELLA? TRUE!!!!!

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