Random Musing @3

Been very busy lately. Started working 2 weeks ago. Comfortable with the new working environment. Meet plenty of new friends. Love to feel the action again. Glad to be part of the working class again. MBA done, no more study. Expensive lunch in KL city center.

Got my half month salary yesterday. July meal allowance = RM530. Kind of tired due to long hour work and lack of sleep. Bought a new futsal shoe – RM119. Wear new shoe for futsal yesterday. Pretty girl in the office. OCBC collection department now equal to mini Hong Leong Bank. Planning to go Taipei next year. Planning to travel by backpacking. First of all, need to save money for travel.

to prepare presentation, which will be due by 1st of September, 2009. Realize that i hate accounting more than Monday Blue. Bought RM290 worth of management reference book and fantasy novel. Love trance music lately. Glad Arsenal sold Kolo Toure and Adebayor to Man City. Hope Arsenal will get some new solid, quality signing.

Play10+ arena games last week. Arena rating drop like economy downturn. Bad internet connection at Cyber Cafe nearby. My house internet connection is achieving great heights in terms of speed. Never underestimate the power of love. Play facebook more than reading book lately. Streamyx sucks for blocking Malaysian access to Gutteruncensored.com.

Loss 2kg since started my new job. An apple a day, healthy all the way. Streamyx = “Saya tidak remember encik aduan mana yang xatu!” Play wow casually. Wow patch 3.2 today. Cant wait for new hunter changes. Pray for DK and pally nerf. Leveling my mage gradually. Jack Wilshire = Wonderkid. Hungry now because ate small portion of dinner. Buy car or not to buy car? Cry me a river? Lenka- The Show? Damm, Cycle 7 and 8. Train of thoughts. Advised milkcoffee (aka Biomehanika, druid, gorgonnash, US) to look for new arena partner. Play wow super casually.

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