Random Musing @4

Planning to buy new latop – DELL 13.3 inch, Core2duo, 512mb ATI RADEON Graphic card, 300+gig hard disk, 4mb ram = RM2500+, worth it? Been working late lately, chasing NUMBERS. Seems to have good team atmosphere with my teammate. Happy with the new job. Presentation to boss = 2 more weeks dateline. Friend’s birthday at Greenbox Karaoke. Premier league start tonight. Arsenal vs Everton, my prediction 3 – 1 Arsenal win. Kind of lonely lately. There’s a girl from my ex company, single, too bad, im not ready for new relationship yet. Play wow casually, arena = no game, play auction house. Friend invite to play MonsterHunter online, gonna wait and see. Streamyx down twice in past 1 week, and it sucks.

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