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Random Musing @6

Its been awhile since i last updating a post in the blog. Has been pretty busy in real life in the past 2 months. To update on my life, im currently 3 months  in my current job, hectic work but good working environment, good colleague, bosses and lots of new friends. Looking forward for the venture ahead.

Family is all good, friends is all good. A close friend of mine gonna go married this Sunday. I wish him all the best

Stop playing world of warcraft for quite a awhile, simply dont have the luxury time to play my mage, as well as my level 80 hunter, my account going to get expired by this 25 Oct, 09, and i’ve already cancel my subscription, planning a wow rest until further notice, possible, until the new expansion – cataclysm out.

Reason for being busy lately is also partially due to my new found relationship with a girl at my work place. The relationship is getting lovely and concrete day by day. Hopefully this will get me somewhere. I simply cant resist her and fall in love with her.

While not playing wow and doing work, my only remaining leisure time, spend between reading books and watching tv drama’s.

Decided to purchase a car, mostly foreign car, namely Honda or Toyota, but with my budget available, probably gonna take a Honda City, by early of 2010.

O, i’ve received my new laptop almost 2 months ago, dell inspiron 13.3 inch, 320 g hard drive space, ati radeon 512mb, vista home, 4 g ram for RM2500+,  i would say it worth every single penny, only shortfall is where it comes with no dvd rom.

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