Random Musing @7

Another update.

Work: Good result in month of October, 2009, not so challenging atm, looking forward for more project and work load.

Family: All good, but my dad started betting again, albeit he claim to be just small betting for fun / entertainment, im not so convince, for now it seems all good. Have to monitor closely. Brother seems to continue with his routine study -> computer game (wow) -> sleep, then repeat again the whole routine every day. BAU for mom, nothing particular require special mention…

Cash Flow: special mention, its shrinking, getting a bit insufficient due to extra spending on clothing and stuffs, need to save some funds for the car downpayment, yes, planning to buy a car by first quarter of 2010.

Friend: A guy friend of mine get married in Oct, i’m looking forward for my own married somewhere in the future.

Entertainment: Nothing much in Oct beside going shopping occasionally with my girl. More karaoke session in November with my new colleague joining my work place, making the puzzle complete and more “kaki” for other entertainment. No more world of warcraft, simply no time at the moment.

Love life: She tried to broke up with the boy friend, but unsuccessful, the bf cry and threaten to commit suicide. What a jerk… But… life goes on… we met occasionally… wip

Football: Arsenal the best… good flowing football… better than the damm stupid liverpool….

Lifestyle: zzz gaining 1kg weight…. need more exercise and less EATING…

Playing dumb? Go to Hell!

  1. January 17, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Your blog is one of my favorite. I m gonna come back again, thank you.

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