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Greentea 15 December 2009

Cloudy morning, No earphone for my Ipod, left it at home, very crowded in the train ride, no music on my trip to work.  Working as usual, hot chocolate + biscuit as breakfast. Received a gift from my colleague… thank you…

Lunch, eat vegetaria-food…. Full…

Evening, farewell for 2 of my colleagues who will return back to their respective department after finish their secondment assignment. Sandwiches, Karipuff, MeeHun Noodle, Nugget and soft drink, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi and Mirinda. Full…

Work, till 8pm, chat with colleague on work matter, plot to rule the world, 8.45pm, finally left the office. Walked pass the Christmas tree, bye, my work place, see u again, soon…

Home, still full, almost 10pm, dont feel like eating dinner, bath, sitting in front of my laptop, surfing the net. Call back to my friend who ask me for advise, advise given, a good one. Call my little love one, chat, my love given, plenty. Writing this as my blog input. Need to sleep…

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