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Greentea 17 December 2009

Cloudy morning, trance music pumping my nerve, with copy of newspaper in my hand, bought breakfast from office food court, noodle with fried egg + milk coffee. Working as usual. No thanks.

Lunch, ate Mc Donald… Prosperity Chicken Burger + Curly fries + Large Coke….. Full… EveningHungry… Go karaoke with friends. Far…

Karaoke, 7 pm, room 12, reached early, buffet dinner, alot of oyster, dinner = Oyster + Chicken + lamb + small portion of vegi + Honey ais + Lemon Coke. Met new friends – SM and CO, Sing songs, SC birthday, we celebrated and sing borthday song to her, she make wish and cut cake. Happy for her, haha one year older.  Also received christmas present from SC, thank you very much, Karaoke session too short, 7 – 11pm, bye, karaoke, still feel like singing.

Friend give me a ride, long ride, full after buffet just now, tea with my gaming friends. They persuade me to play Taiwan world of warcraft. Sounds interesting, but probably cant make it because of my lackof commitment to retrain another character. After bath… Sitting in front of my laptop, Dont feel like sleeping yet…

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