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Scys Fun 19th Dec 09

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Hi I`m Justin a.k.a Scys ^^ This is my 1st post here since my bro invited me xD

Its 6am In the Morning before hit the bed. Sweet Sleep and had some sweet dream too ^^. Unexpected i get woke up by a phone call from someone +03xxxxxxx.. Doubt to answer it but with my eye close and smiling face i answered it, Hello, Good morning ! May i help you Phone caller Ji dian liao!!! hai bu yao qi quang ( Do you know what is the time now Are you still sleeping) I was shocked, what i did and do i have any appointment today With speed of light check my phone calender and check do i have any appointment today! None… and i replied oh any problem Phone caller Lo mi here, you have badminton tournament in the noon do u forgot about it Jumped off my double deck bed and grab my Towel and shower lotion rush to bathroom.

I just realized i promise my friend yesterday that i will help them play a friendly tournament game match.. Took me 10 minutes to prepare everything and get my racket ready in front of my doorstep. Switch on my lovely Computer that the 1st thing to do is i need Music. get my Hitz.fm on and max the volume..wondering do my house mate awake from the music i blast .. My friend pick me up around 15 minutes later. Reach the badminton hall located 3KM from house. Unexpected, all my club friends was there and they like WTH( What the hell) you were here too i just smile and said nah just helping people to have some game here ^^… Get in the hall and drop my heavy stuff, guess what! I was shocked to see my junior from badminton state last time. Was Looking to see him for 5 years! hahaha kind of miss him actually. Get close to him and he is a big and tall boy now which taller than me =.= ( tickle him just like what i did when we are hanging out together) hahaha… he was like GOD SAKE!! JUSTIN LOL…hahaha give him a hug and ask how he doing lately…been chat for a moment before he continue to teach his student. Get his Phone No and say bye. haha.. but was happy to see him doing fine now, he was once a weak kid in my state club when he was young. done talking now is business time.

Waited for 30 Minutes because our team opponent can’t make it. End up we will versus the organizer team itself. Get my shoe lace tight up and get in the court with my <23 Lbs tension racket prepare to get somebody get shot by my smash today. haha… have 2 minutes of warm up strokes and guess who my opponent is…my old buddy where we used to play national circuit together, have few words exchange before the game start. getting pawned on the first game =.= because i did lots of mistakes and my partner not that good while his partner is ex national .

Gave up the 1st game and ready for the second. Played well and won it with pride, this make us to get into 3rd game while they never expect me with my friend able to give such a tough fight. On the 3rd game own them hard for the first 10 points, but due to mistakes cause by me and my partner we get lead by them around 4 points ahead. Close up the points with some nice tricky shots and powerful smash by me and my friend, they give tough fight back too with tricky net play and high pressure low shot. After a long fight they win it with 2 points different kind of sad actually buy they are freaking tired too hahaha… great fight!!

Get home and had my nice shower before went out to find my friend have dinner. Get him to my old housing area restaurant for dinner. 7 of us and ordered Asam fish, Fried Chicken, Friend taufu, Malay style friend Vegetables. Not bad just 80 bucks and it`s cheap to be able to get fish and stuff while it just 7 of us haha.

Reach home and get on my WoW (World of Warcraft) to check do my buddy from Hawaii is on so that i can chat with him on ventrilo ..

Saw the photo of her( beloved) on moving wallpaper I just realized i miss her so much suddenly! T_T with the song Tanpamu playing on my Media player it makes me feel empty wo her more. Baby i miss you even you have leave me for n years. Will i see you someday? ( big QUESTION MARK! ??)

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