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Scys Sunday 20th Dec 09

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Woke up in the evening, looking at the clock! It showz… 4pm in the evening and i`m still on my Bed >< Dehydrated from yesterday game.

Give my friend a call regarding my Beloved Badminton Racket that i gave to him to restring. No answer from him T_T , send a sms ( sms send) Still no reply T_T T_T.

Have a warm shower and dry up my hair. I have my friend bike with me today so i can use it to travel to my friend shop for my beloved racket ^^ Reach there and saw him coaching in the hall. Talk some jokes and grab my racket heading to his shop after he done his coaching. Saw few nice Shorts and grab 2 of it with the price of 20 bucks /each . Happy and say Bye to him because the day is raining ><.

Reach home grab my racket bag and head to my housing area badminton court for game today ^^. Get in and heard some shouting! ( KANGKUNG AR!!!) finally you come huh ! I was like ER… yeah here i’m. in my heart ( get ready to get pawn by me today* WAKAKAKA) Start the 1st game… Play very very bad because i don’t know what i’m doing seriously. Rest for 10 min. 2nd game now. Played well but is a tough fight game because the opponent is kind of level with me. Fight for 25min game ! Freaking Tired but happy ^^ 3rd Game now. I still tired but this game i FINALLY manage to get back my momentum which i search for it back few months ago. I feel so happy today because i play the way i used to be after so many months i’m been looking for it ! T_T Enjoy so much!

No WoW for SUNDAY!

Get some Food at malay stalls and yam cha after that and yam cha again with my Dota friend (i’m not dota i just WoW so they are just my friend) yam cha till 330am and here i’m now writing this blog before i hit my bed again for today ^^ cheers !! hope i get massage like always when i finish game >< miss you baby !! T_T

  1. Greentea
    December 21, 2009 at 8:06 am

    No wow….

  2. scys
    December 23, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    yea no WOW

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