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Greentea 22 December 2009

A cheerful day overall. She’s taking leave today, so i dont have to see her in the office. Apparently i’m started to accept the faith and learn to adapt to it. Whatever happen, happened and right now, her direction to me is clear and simple, she just want to be single and remain single at the moment, i guess, the pain of breaking off a seven years relationship is not easy and it will need plenty of time to coll down. I’ll remain single for now, changed my facebook relationship status to single… Good stuff.

Hey, no need to buy breakfast, colleague A offer to buy me sanwiches, colleague B offer me her half cut of sanwiches, + coffee,  there goes my breakfast.

Medical leave yesterday, so today plenty of work to do. Time flies, lunch with lady boss and 5 of my colleagues, boss said buy lunch, christmas lunch woot… Go central market, help lady boss bought christmas souvenir, she said she wanted make tiramisu and treat everyone in the department. Ambitious plan… woot My boss…

Back to office, slightly late, work some more, call Digi, claimed i have to clear off the bill, before cancelling, Rm295++, sigh money somemore, will go and pay tomorrow, and cancel the damm line.

4.45pm, Department Christmas event, we’re all inside a ball room, with boss giving a short presentation, after that, my boss’s boss, join us dressed as SANTA, funny as hell. Boss’boss give out some candy, then after another short speech, we have a games. Ppl splitted to 3 groups and we have ppl trying to mimic and let us guess the movie name, guess the movie, there’s what we play, we got indiana jones, star wars, avatar, princess and the frog and even Ong Bak… Our team got number 2 our of 3 teams, the last team have to dance infront of everyone, following the aerobic video… one and two and one and two, again…. woot, funny…

After that, a short dinner buffeet and we went back to the office with our exchange gift. I got some glass accessories. woot, nice….

Go home early, because of dong zhi, a day of chinese celebration. Thought of my friend who came from outstation, her sister have dinner with friends and so she seems to be alone, a very good and close friend of mine, know her a few years back way back at our previous organization. Who knows, she seems pleasant enough, not the pretty type, but the intelligent type. But hey, if faith faith really show us the way, i will follow it through.

Now in front of laptop writing this little diary post, i dun even care with how many grammar mistake i got, is was, want wanted, dun care… its nice to be able to express my feeling here…

Later gonna go out for a “nice” massage, a guys night out… woot…. woot…. fun…

  1. scys
    December 22, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    WooT wooT Massage huh…

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