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Scys 24th Dec 09

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Its late in the night… quarter to 4 am… i was reading stuff and chatting with my buddy while suddenly i heard some car stop in front of my house and people talking and bla bla bla…i thought it just my neighbor  coming back home… so i ignore it and continue reading my articles….

After few minutes i saw my house mate rushing to the door with sleepy faces and open the gate of my house..so i was wondering what makes her awake while she was sleeping nicely in the room… it make me curious and walk out of my room and saw her room mate coming back with a guy holding HER! and it make me worry more because what make her cant walk in the house by herself!

So she walk in the house corridor with her hand holding the wall all the way to the room… when i saw that i rush out of my room and go for her and had my hand on her cheek to ensure that she drunk or what… and guess what she is drunk and what make me worry more is that she never drink alcohol before in her life till she so drunk today ><…

What i worry is that she is my house mate and my friend sister where is concern and take care of for this few years while she drunk back home today! WTF…. what make her drunk so much today? faking hell!…

Argh! it make me worry because she take shower now T_T…she not listening to me and taking shower i hope she got no allergic and stuff T_T…man can i sleep well tonight?? T_T

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