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Greentea 25 December 2009 (2) Chat with Bastien

Bastien any plan for today please? 6:24pmStephan nope 6:24pmBastien okok how are you? 6:24pmStephan as normal 6:24pmBastien did not meet you gf please? 6:25pmStephan /slap told u so many times, not gf yet, dunno will ever be also 6:25pmBastien haha dont lie she have you in heart 6:25pmStephan i lie for what dunno la 6:25pmBastien if not she will not break up with bf this is serious no joke 6:25pmStephan ya sh did break up 6:25pmBastien thats why 6:26pmStephan maybe im one of the reasn 6:26pmBastien if she dont have other choise 6:26pmStephan but now she want ti to be alone 6:26pmBastien choice* you think she want break up 6:26pmStephan she got plenty 6:26pmBastien haha 6:26pmStephan she now so callingle single* 6:26pmBastien but no good one 6:26pmStephan his old bf rechase him another guy waiting for him 6:26pmBastien now she have you as a choice so 6:26pmStephan and sgh. ialso dunno what t o do 6:26pmBastien she do this decision because of you 6:26pmStephan no la 6:27pmBastien bro 6:27pmStephan if because of me then she already with me 6:27pmBastien dont be so no gut girl dont like so do it ok dont think too much if you think she is excellent 6:27pmStephan i’ve try she ask me to give her space 6:27pmBastien go ahead ok 6:27pmStephan she say pressure, 6:27pmBastien what kind of space 6:27pmStephan haha mabe too many guy chase her gua 6:28pmBastien give space mean you are half way out better no psace 6:28pmStephan dunno la 6:28pmBastien serious one girl like guy got gut ok 6:28pmStephan i can see she just nt to be alone now 6:28pmBastien go call her 6:28pmStephan go yoru head la 6:28pmBastien let her know 6:28pmStephan she knows 6:28pmBastien you call her because you miss her 6:28pmStephan call her also mean im disturbign her she want room, remember? 6:29pmBastien what kind of room please? 6:29pmStephan i do miss her la. diu, but need give her ace le 6:29pmBastien every house have room please! 6:29pmStephan room means kong jian she too confuse gua just breakup with 7 years relationship 6:29pmBastien ok then 6:29pmStephan what can i do? wait lo 6:29pmBastien ask her for dinner or lunch also fine right at least let her always meet you 6:29pmStephan no chance also 6:29pmBastien then your chance is better and higher 6:29pmStephan s want to keep the line clear she* 6:30pmBastien jin sui lou tai sin de yuan 6:30pmStephan we’re back at normafren now i guess normalfren,thats what she said fornow until she ready i think she dun1 ppl say she brekup because of another guy and she seems enjoying single life now 6:31pmBastien haha you want to do this then you need to take it please to be like kid 6:31pmStephan ?? what u mean please to be like kid? 6:32pmBastien dont to be like kid im very sorry type in wrong both of you is adult dont act like her bf ok like a kid break is break if he so worry break up 6:32pmStephan she break up already la 6:33pmBastien so before break up he need to treat her so well until no reason 6:33pmStephan now she toldme toay as fren to stay as fren* 6:33pmBastien anyway as you like 6:33pmStephan zzz u dun understand 6:33pmBastien nono maybe im not good in expalin here maybe when i meet you then i share with you the idea just sharing 6:34pmStephan 1) nshe break up already she* now she toldme be fren for now..dunno what will happen in the future im still trying tocope with it because as far as im concern, i thought i half way through but now i have to back to square 1 6:35pmBastien ok 6:35pmStephan somemore she got her old bf rechase her and another guy whow ait for her few years backchase her although i dun think she will accept any1 for now 6:35pmBastien i very sure you are better that me about handle relationship serious 6:36pmStephan just still coping with the normalfren thing 6:36pmBastien the guy chase her for past few year 6:36pmStephan ya 6:36pmBastien if i meet this guy i will let this guy know how stupid he is because i very sure he get nothing at end if she want him she break up early already ok 6:37pmStephan dunno la..now just try not to interfere with her life 6:37pmBastien the guy really is rubbish 6:37pmStephan to be a normal fren is very hard because i care too much worry too much 6:37pmBastien serious your friend too take care of face already 6:37pmStephan a bit la 6:38pmBastien what i want to share with you is you do you need to admit cant run away please 6:38pmStephan she say dun feelike nice to hear ppl in office talk 6:38pmBastien no brave better dont do thats why lorrrr both person also same office thsi is very big concerm 6:38pmStephan ah… nvm la. fren fren la 6:38pmBastien if not you change dept 6:38pmStephan time time will tel no need la 6:38pmBastien if not she move out or you move out 6:39pmStephan i doing fine in my dept even she move out also nothing will change 6:39pmBastien you know why i dont chase the girl sit beside me because we are same office i dont like this feel if i cant get 6:39pmStephan i think she dun1 the exthought she breakup because of another guy 6:39pmBastien or i get also not nicee so you ask her go out i think if she love you she will do but you cant let her down because she do a lot for you already serious one after 6 months she break up even she with you still got someone will guest she break up because of you serious anyway you think like a human brain

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