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Football Revolution../@1314

Fran Mérida is a Spanish football.
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Wanna write something about football, but i am probably too tired now to write lengthly, a few things on my mind:

  1. Arsenal win against Bolton the other night = relieve…. good goal from both Fabregas and Merida, Bolton look dangerous from time to time, but Arsenal looks spendid throughout the game with fabregas again, the maestro in the middle of the midfield. The midfield general is so important, which promoted tv, sports pundits to suggest Fabregas as the most vital role in the Title chase, the future of Arsenal (a bit too exagerated i think) lies with how well Arsenal able to hold on to their prize assets.
  2. Now, we talk about another Arsenal asset in the form of fran merida, merida is a very good friend of fabregas since both of them used to be roommates and training pals. Both of them from Spain and both in the same age group, They talk about football instead of porn. Now, with many rumours and talks about fran leaving arsenal going back to Spain, dishearthen me a little bit, the good thing is Arsenal got way too many midfield talent such as Arshavin, fab, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Nasri, Rosicky , Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere. The bad news is – Arsenal gonna lost a TALENTED FOOTBALLER….
  3. With Song away to ACON (African Cup of Nation), Wenger provide Eastmond a league debut in the game vs Bolton, while it is always nice to see new, young, talented, young gunners, playin their trade, i really hope to see Diaby, playing a similiear role of Viera, albeit it is a bit more defensive, but DIABY is born to pkay as Viera Shadow.. All Hail… Viera aka, the fella who always argue with the Roy “Argue all” Keane.
  4. Saw the video of Adebayor crying.. (  ok.. exaggerated here) he looks so shock with the turn of events, i wish all TOGO people all the best…
  5. The Haiti earthquake = small version of 2012, Arsenal = small champion of 2010.
  6. Oh lastly, wanna talk about jermaine beckford, stories said he gonna stay until end of the season, the good thing, he gonna stay until the end of the season,  gonna able to help Leeds for a title and promotion push. Who knows, Leeds might even beat Totenham in the coming Cup run. The not so good thing, He (Beckford) run down the contract probably not for the club,  He just want to make hismelf more money and more options..
  7. VERY SLEEPY AND WANNA SLEEP NOW, All hail Arsenal and Leeds


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