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Greentea 19 January 2010

'Sundown' apple cultivar and its cross section
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Ok. Finally with some time to sit down and write something. Have been very busy lately in the past 2 weeks, as i mentioned before (do i?) i have been given a chance to take up another assignment at another unit at my organization. Work started well, with some hiccup here and there. But i do have to  admit, the handover process is least desirable and i have to learn alot of stuff myself, last but not least, many thank you to my new colleagues, new boss, who keen to help and patient with my many questions. (I am very very curious about stuffs).

Just finish work and reach home. Decided to skip dinner today, have an green apple prior to taking bath, hopefully i am able to resist those temptation of heavy food indulgence… zzz there’s a pizza in my fridge…

Today is world of warcraft maintenance day, had revived my wow account last Sunday, more than a week now, been very focus on gathering all the gears atm, i will talk about wow probably in the next post… haha

WARNING! The followings paragraph contain what u may seen as offensive, read with due care. Been waiting for FAKKU! to get online for the past few days, in case u do not know about FAKKU! yet, provided you’re interested in Hentai (Japan porno comic) you should give a try, it consists of many hentai comic with English translation.  In this very day, FAKKU!’s back!….

Plenty of Arsenal and a few Leeds united news in the past one week, and i will lump them all.. hmm maybe in another post…. From Sol Campbell, Fran Merida, Jermaine Beckford and Adebayor!!!

Still deciding on when and how long more should i wait until i finally buy my new car, financially speaking, the later i decided to spent the money, the more economy make sense….

Gaining wait, maintaining at 82kgs at the moment, need to bring it down. There’s a lose wait competition i the organization i work in past of the health campaign, winner will get a hefty sum of RM500, 6 months period….

Love life wise, i am still struggling, the girl in my mind, just broke up with his 7 years boyfriend, now, she seems to want to take her own sweet time in deciding her next move, with her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) still lingering her around, with another of her childhood friend (waited her  for 5 years) and me (knew her for 6 months) in the picture… Only time will tell…

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