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MOKO’s revived – A World of Warcraft Story 1

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
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Been out from the game close to 3 months and finally revived like 10 days ago, everything is new to me, new heroic instances, new game trend, new character, but the same old MOKONAKIYA, the once feared Orc Hunter sidekick who terrorized the dustbin!

Although i have been out from the game for 3 months, the game is certainly not new to me, i have keep myself updated time to time, from mmo-champion to wow.com (previously known as wowinsider) to famous wow blog like Greedy Goblin, world of ming and the blog of hunter hero Levidian

When i first log back into the game, i felt a brief sign of relief, finally, MOKO’s revived! The first thing i do – is to checkout the Explosive trap… i read some where at arenajunkies.com, that this stuff (trap) yield 13k of total dot damage on 800+ resilience target. Woot! Its the Hunter new toy…. it Kaboom causing [RAP * 0.1 + 523] to [RAP * 0.1 + 671] Fire damage and burning all enemies for [900 + RAP] additional Fire damage over 20 sec to all within 10 yards.  PHEW, its gonna be pain.. with all the new PVE gear with insane nice itemization for hunter, AP, AGI, INT, all contribute to the multiplier…

But hey, its too bad, the new UBER hunter spec is not MM, and explosive trap is best utilize only in SURVIVAL spec…

I’ve spec into MM, and SURV at first, trying to copy a PVE MM spec from the net (because i heard of its uberness) but also realized that i have a very oldschool and outdated ranged weaponNesingwary 4000. She spent many of the unfortunate days and night in my hand, shooting allies and killing non sense…  And it is one of my main objectives to replace her… a change of new love will spice up the life apparently.

Trying out MM spec in with the new random heroic features, i have to say, it is really genius features from Blizzard, it makes casual PVE much much more convenient especially for people like me. I used to have what we called “raiding phobia”. I always feel uncertain in doing PVE. THis is all due to my previous disastrous PVE experience in The Burning Crusade (TBC), my broadband like ar simply too unreliable for me to do raiding at all. I still recalled at Sunwell period, and i finally manage to get a spot into the sunwell GKP raid, i fair too bad, because i have constant DC and freeze screen….

Since then, i  seldom raid… onyl do 5 man in the period of early WOTLK, E.g. Halls of lightning, NEXUS, etc. but only with my real life friend, because i am simply way too low confident with my own PVE skills.

Fast forward back to presentl… with a better and more stable bandwidth, i am again picking up confident in doing PVE once more… But i do doubt my commitment for serious PVE, i am more of a casual raider anyway…. I PREFER PVP

Some suggest arena new season gonna start this 26 of January 09…. and i cant wait for it to start… but still the bad thing is:

1) I got no gear… still wearing deadly and furious gear, with my uber Nesingwary 4000….

2) I got no comp and serious mates for the new season….

Now, fast forward…

WOOT! a rigorous attempt on PIT of Saron yesterday finally allow me to change my  old gun. Wanna thank you to my guildmate at [Reconciliation – Gorgonnash] -> Angraa, Naisya, Bochikia, Broks, Murtabak and my brother’s priest – Pandabubu…. Thank you for your help…

Gonna continue farming Emblem of Triumph and Frost…. need to change my Cloak, Feet, another Ring, and waiting for the next dARKMOON faire to change my AGI Greatness Card…

Gonna wait for arena.. gonna farm some honor and prepare for the new season….


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