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MOKO’s Sad– A World of Warcraft Story 4

Waiting the whole yesterday for icc run, schedule noon, i purposely skip work for it… it did not come…

Waiting for today whole day for ICC run, finally the guild running and not i’m not being part of it…

Instead, they bring some alternate…

What more can i say? im newbie for the run? hey, there’s some fella just got the achievement….

And once the boss down, my brother who sat beside me told me about the loot, an axe,”blah blah blah”, and i feel freaking annoyed… still my emotion is well control, im not gonna show my emotions over some games.

Guess, i have to be more vocal to get what i want in the future… waiting for invites is never the good way…

Edit: then my brother told me… they stop at saufang because lack of the dps, one of the hunter in the raid only 3kdps… wonder how ‘much do i fare… and that’s an alternate…

Edit 2: Ok fine, im just qq there…. gonna take back my complaint, im probably not so pro at raiding and therefore im not being invited, will get to watch more icc raid video… more pew pew less qq.

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