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MOKO’s gonna Try – A World of Warcraft Story 5

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So today – Maintenance day, according to numerous site, there are no 3.3.2 today, so have to endure one more month or arena-less day. Can’t wait to try my self  again in the arena. Although i have never get over 1800 rating, but hey, im actually quite close there… reching 1780++ last time back in season 6 (should be season 6, the season where explosive shot op).

This time round, i am bless with a better latency (slightly better than last time), and able to farm arena side by side with my gonna be arena partner (my brother) in the house instead of going to a Lan Shop. This allow us to play more games each week (previously we only played maximum of 50 – 80 games each week, mostly all on a single day at the local lan shop), in return gives us better gameplay experience, easier to dodge counter comp, and better to maintain momentum (a bad arena day last time round, really affect our morale).

Looking for a pally to play 3v3, be it ret, prot or holy, Hunter will need FREEDOM… FREEDOM… FREEDOM

But probably gonna play alot of 2v2 this round. Too bad, my gear do not encourage me to play as MM hunter, however, i do heard alot of glowing reviews on the good of Survival Hunter… In fact, im actually much comfortable in playing as Survival Hunter rather than MM.

Gonna do alot of practice…


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