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MOKO’s day 31-01-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 6

Well, its definitely one of my luckiest day in my wow life. First time entering ICC -10, able to clear off 3 boss, after several attempt, stop at saurfang because i get all the loot and the other hunter get none, he is just have a bad day.

I start the day with visit to auction house to get some flask of endless rage, while also buying some mats to sent to my alchemist’s guildie. Also, i bought some epic arrow, while also buying eternal shadow and sent to my Enginnering fren… The preparation continue with me reading on the ICC boss guide… not so hard, according to the fella hunter who wrote the guide. But….

When it finally start, i started to feel worried, i am loss… well.. i think i did well, dps and avoiding the blue wave stuff, but i died when the whirwind thing, Lord Marrowgar jump my way and i died… i sincely dunno its my fault  for not moving away fast enough or thats no heal. Because i did check on the log and it seems i receive no heal at all. Did i move too far away from the healer? or simply no heal?

Luck with me, my mates able to down the boss with 9 man, and the loot, wala…  [Linked Scourge Vertebrae] only 2 hunter in the group and i roll 90+ lucky me.. its mine.

2nd boss, getting more confuse, hunter need to do tons of stuff… well i seldom pve, not a familiar task for me.. but hey, misdirection, mob, dps mob, etc etc. Wellwe wipe 2 times onyl realise both hunter = survival hunter and it yield little to no damage to the Adherent mob… phew.. we wipe one more time but this time we do better, knowing that steady shot for the win (guess, top level hunter in the guild all mm hunter, and they dont have problem with the mob due to they yield pysical damage, instead of our survival signature shot – explosive shot… we kill Lady Deathwhisper in the fourth try..

and wala… [Njordnar Bone Bow]. dropped… i roll…. i win.. the other hunter qq…  lucky me again.

Gunshipbattle… is dam fun… i can fly / jump around.. like the icecrown daily quest.. (forgot the name) It seems easy i just stay at the ship and dps mob….  wala…. boss downed… [Pauldrons of Lost Hope] dropped….. i roll… i win… again the other hunter qq…. lucky me again…

Sour face for the other hunter…. Very happy Moko…

In summary, today i get a new 251 level, bow, belt, and shoulder, i changed my Greatness card, and i swap my friendly ashen verdict ring with honored ring… Its definitely a buff….

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  1. September 22, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Great site. I wish my hunter was as geared as yours but even though he is not it is truly a fun class to play.

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