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MOKO’s day 04-02-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 7

Universal symbol of death: a skull, here as x-...

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This is not happening,

Moko –  an amateur in arena, here’s his thought… Hunter, Hunter priest – 1 MM Hunter, 1 Surv Hunter, 1 Disc priest

From the net:

SV profits from Trueshot-Aura. I can imagine that this would be really nice for SV, esp. if you get BoK as well PLUS all your SV procs PLUS trinket/orc racial -> A lot of extra damage!

2x Aimed Shot. Causes hardcore pressure on the opposing healer if you actually split your DPS onto two targets.
Example: SV going on a high-armor target, maybe on a Warrior or even the Paladin healer (because of Explosive shot being magical damage, more or less at least) and the MM going on a clothie.
I know this point requires specific enemy setups (like WLD?) but no one forces you to split your DPS

Wizard cleaves can be stomped (since one MM hunter already rapes clothies), melee cleaves will have a hard time peeling one of the hunters with a minimum of 1-2 active frost traps all the time, even with Hand of Freedom (don’t forget you’d have 2 Tranq. Shots as well). Other setups can be pressured/kited to death. Of course, you can’t win EVERY match, even with this setup which in my eyes seems pretty strong.

Double flare > rogues, you can cover half a map at once. double pet aggressive, track hidden

The synchronization of two unique pets could be really nice as well

With healing 10% nerf in arena as of patch 3.2.2, 2 range ms effect class will get teh extra advantage.

RMP example (Rogue, Mage, Priest):

MM on mage, damage and interrupt (scatter / silent) to minimize mage damage; Surv cc on Priest, sleep and scatter-trap, damage on Rogue; Dpriest on healing and Dispel if there’s any Polymorph.

MM assist chain cc with silence shot (readiness of necessary) or scatter trap on priest, MM hunter lay explosive trap; Surv hunter lay frost trap if necessary; Both hunter flare & Tranquilizing shot if needed; Priest occasionally fear either to save himself or to disrupt, split up, cc the enemy.

Switch for the kill

Call – switch on either 1 DPS, with both Hunter Dps’ing, with both Hunter dps separate target initially, added with cc chain on priest, the enemy priest should be under enormous pressure (due to both heal target also on aimshot effect). A sudden switch will caught the priest by surprise.  Rogue with cloak of shadow used and Mage with iceblock used, + priest used up pain of suppression, will be a good time for switch and burst.

Note: try to avoid mage poly-morph at all cost, e.g. los, interrupt etc.

Melee cleaves example (Warrior, DK, Hpal):

Surv Frost trap on the floor, Both hunter may Tranquilizing shot on target if BOP, MM on DK (DK got Anti magic shield (AMS), Surv on Warrior, Aim shot on both, CC – Wyvern sting on Hpaly (Paly cant self cure poison), may continue with silence shot (MM), or scatter shot-trap (either hunter), Priest heal and fear to either CC / interrupt or fend away melee on him.

Pressure both dps as much as we can (MS effect on both dps), Paly got no choice but to bubble to heal, or BOP to either dps, we need to ensure tranquilizing shot on BOP target.

Switch for the kill

Once bubble up, depends on the map and situation, 1) rinse & repeat the CC chain, , switch & focus target to either DPS, CC pally (sleep, scatter trap or silent and kill on dps. 2) CC on either DPS to minimize interrupt or damage, Focus Kill the pally (Fear / silencing shot will be very useful).  3) CC on either DPS, Split our damage between the another non cc dps and healer, this will pressure the pally Paly got no choice but to heal both, depends on which going down faster and which is more logistic possible, switch for a kill.

H Paly healer variance

Dps on Both Dps’er, cc h pally, pressure for bubble and trinket. Focus kill hpaly while cc 1 dps or dps both dps, cc hpaly, switch and focus kill 1 dps. General strategy as above (Melee cleave example). Note: Paly able to abolish poison, making wyvern sting / serpent sting easily abolish, unless wyvenr sting on the paly itself. Pally also able to dispell on freezing trap if it lands to others instead of the paly, hence the paly itself is the main target of cc. But when healing is priority for the paly (focus fire on paly and cc dps), pally should have little to no time in abolishing the poison on the mate, GCD will be on for healing .

Note: Most of focus kill will start with Hammer of justice –  stun, either on the healer or the target to kill.

Priest healer variance

Hunter Dps’ing, separate target, added with cc chain on priest, the enemy priest should be under enormous pressure (due to both heal target also on aimshot effect). A sudden switch will caught the priest by surprise.  Once DPS used up their defensive skills, eg. Rogue with cloak of shadow used and Mage with iceblock used, + priest used up pain of suppression, will be a good time for switch and burst. Priest able to mana burn, it is vital for our priest to avoid their mana burn at all cost, if only their priest choose to mana burn, it will utilize a chunk of the priest mana as well, together with hunter’s viper sting, hopefully, our priest fair more mana and able to heal on.

Druid healer variance

Druid can abolish poison, making wyvern sting on target other than the druid itself redundant. Druid also can pre abolish himself to avoid wyvern sting, it is vital for surv hunter to ensure cc on druid when there’s no pre-abolish. Druid healer these days mostly in tree form and and nowadays tree seldom change form to apply cyclone. Cyclone will be a vital cc to avoid. It is recommend to pressure the druid, 1) damage druid if available, 2) else damage dps to pressure the druid (with ms effect) 3) Viper sting on the druid, not sure viper sting work separately or not, if yes the mor ethe merrier, 2 viper sting from 2 hunter, if no, still good in pressuring the druid in abolish poison, it will only good if dps on druid so druid will have to heal and abolish, tranquilizing shot on the druid innervate. Druid usually a good runner, frost trap will help, although change form will allow druid to avoid movement imparing, frost trap will still help in slowing the druid from going from point A to point B. Again, with the healing nerf in arena (patch 3.2.2) druid will suffer nerf on his hot (healing over time) therefore, a focus fire switch will likely to make the druid panic and go for greater heal. A timely scatter shot or silencing shot will be enough to score a kill.

Shaman healer variance

With the healing nerf and 2 ms class in our comp, we shall abuse the MS effect in two of our dps. A shaman healer typically will try to chain a hex to us. It is vital for us to los, or avoid the cc. Healing wise, shaman have little to none aoe heal beside chain heal, MM hunter on shaman, viper sting a shaman might work, or at least pressure the shaman a bit. Shaman ability to cleanse poison, making wyvern sting on any target beside shaman easily cleanse. Grounding Totem also will neglect the cc, therefore totem stomping will still be a vital part of the game, using macro with /cower for hunter pet to eat up grounding totem will work well to nulify the shaman resistant to cc. Split up the damage to 2 of the dps, cc healer, force trinket and instant heal, continue cc healer and focus kill dps.

2 healer variance

When the other team plays a 2 healer comp, they would aspect a long winding game. 2 healer comp looks good on paper after the resilence buff. But with the introduction of healing nerf in arena and bg, the advantage of such comp start fading away. Not only such comp are pretty rare, most player will not opt for such comp due to the longevity of game play. CC on 1 healer, focus fire kill on second healer, that’s pretty much the general strategy. Silencing shot may play a part here, couple with a serpent pet to slow down casting.


In general, try to save froze trap for scatter trap, if really require frost trap, let surv hunter apply the trap (lower trap cd)

MM preferably on clotie (mage, priest, warlock, shaman), silencing shot for interupt; while Rogue, Feral druid target depends on situation.

Surv preferably on plate and mail class, more beneficial on melee class, due to no silencing shot for interupt.

Split damage to two target to pressure the healer, cc on healer to multiply the pressure. Vipersting to add in further pressure.

Serpent pet, slow casting ability will help with slowing down healer casting.


Possible double vipersting on healer? Burn mana?

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