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OH HOLY MOKO 28-02-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 8

Almost a month since i last update the blog. Been very busy lately real life due to short month in February and Chinese New year. My daily routines remains, work, home, wow, sleep, work again. Been pretty tired this past one month, work has been very very hectic. A week rest / holiday on CNY only make things worst, all the work pile up pending to complete by end of month.

Been raiding and playing wow quite a bit in the past one month, especially throughout the cny period. PVP wise, able to collect 2 relentless gear so far, now wearing 4 set bonus with 2 relentless + 2 furious.

PVE wise, able to collect et a new 264 bow, bought a 264 neck, and craft a 264 boot, one Tier 10 atm, have enough frost emblem to buy another piece, but still deciding on which one to buy, a glance as above.

Not much progression in raid tho. Manage to down festergut and rotface, hopefully, a change of raid schedule will let us progress further. Arena wise, i have been gathering arena points to upgrade my furious gears, playing with a restoshaman, hovering around 1250++, still short of the min requirement for wrathful belt in 1300. Need more practice and coordination.

A guild full with good and dedicated players will go no where if the guild are without clear direction and objectives. What have u done this week for the sick of progression? u crafted a lw 264 boot? U respec to a more suitable talent? U sacrifice dps lost for the sick of the raid group? what have u done for our progression? It will be nice if every icc10 leader in our guild will start to ask that…

We raid for the sick of loot, or progression? Or u may argue, u need loot to progress…  How thirsty are u for progression?

Been spending quite alot GOLD in game, buying wodin neck and primodial saronite, thinking of spending the rest of my fortune for the lw legging, however, the question remains, is our progression push serious enough until i need to spent out all my gold?

PUG a TOC 25 today, and it sucks, third boss, 3 wipe and people all left…

Work, WOW, Balance…. well said.

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