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State of Hunter 3.3.2

Read this post at mmo-champion forum, talking about hunter’s survival in pvp. The post pretty much sums up all the points. There’s plenty of haters there, but here’s my pick of best post of the day:

Well…. its not like we are asking for a friggin 20 sec immunity.
But we are the ONLY class in the game that is DEAD 100% of the time if we for ex get 2 dots on us in any situation where we dont have a healer behind us.

We have no dispells, we have no heals, healthstones, shields, immunity bubbles or blocks.

Doesent matter if i kill a lock or a spriest in 3 seconds cause im 100% sure im dead after and there NOTHING i can do about it.

1v1 against a rogue.. well its basicly a matter of skills / who uses its cooldowns best.
If your a healers and loose to a hunter in a 1v1 situation… learn to play cause you suck.
In my opinion hunters are one of the weekest 1v1 classes, BUT are one of the best pvp classes when backed up by a healer and/or a support class (Freedon/dispells).
But that also goes for alot of other classes, warriors beeing a good example. Warr/hpally in 2v2 anyone /facesmashondesk

And for the troll and the forum heroes my char http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Vek%27nilash&n=Oggy , been over 2,2k last season aswell and been top ranked in PVE.
Dont take me wrong im not braggin about anything i just feel like i have alot of experiance in both fields.

Sure hunter have LOTS of diffrent cd´s to use (way to many in my opinion). But they are almost all more then double or tripple the cd, combined with ½ the duration of other classes base abilitys. They are also inferior to equal abilitys of other classes. And require to be used in pairs. Our freedom requires the pet to be alive.. it lasts 4 seconds and have a 1 min CD. Compare that to a paladin with 25 second base cd that also dispells a stun on yourself (if ret) and last 6 seconds.

When using freezing trap you NEED to use scatter first to even hit the target cause of the retaded arming time.
When using dissengage you almost always need to use either masters call or scatter shot aswell since you otherwise just end up back in melee 3 seconds.
Hunter have many slow traps,concusion shot, wingclip. But they are all 50% (have a rather long cd 12-30 sec, except wingclip). Crippling poison, any frost mage slows more then us. When you then throw in min range on our side aswell and stuns, roots, immobalizing effects on the opponents side. Things change fast.

We have a mana drain, is it any good.. HELL NO… in 99% of the cases we LOOSE more mana casting it then the target does cause he will just dispell it.
We have masters call, is it any good.. yes …. is it comparable with a paladins freedom… not even cloose
We have a offensive dispell, 99.999% you get some worthless trashbuff or just a plain resist
We have 0 stuns, 0 interupts/silencing abilitys as base skills like alot of other classes have.
We have some CC, 30 second CD freezing trap for 10 seconds thats dispellable, have a 2 second arming time and leaves a big shiny trail so everyone and their blind grandmother can see where its landed and just avaid it. Wyvern sting (if sv), dispellable 6 second incapacitating shot on a 1min cd.

How come we have to choose if we want a stun (BM), interupt/silence (mm) or scatter/sleep (SV), when a warrior,DK,Rogue etc etc get all and more as base abilitys at lvl 10+

once again …. “its not like we are asking for a friggin 20 sec immunity”
just something that does not auto kill us when we have 2 dots on us.

Need to sleep now, this post got alot longer then i wanted it to. OggySource

Well, he pretty much sums up all that i wanna say…. qq

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  1. April 12, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Carlos Vela is a very talented player who missed the preparation.

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