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MOKO’s day 07-03-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 9

ok. lets talk abit about world of warcraft here. I havent have a Moko’s day since January 2010, in case you’re curious there on what the heck is a Moko’s day, it is a day where Moko made the day, lucky!

Missing the schedule ICC 25 guild run due to some real life commitment, but… able to get in to a PUG ICC 25 the next day.

Notable mention, i top the dps chart for Lord Marrowgar

Long story short, Blazzing through the first 3 boss, drop an agi / hunter usable 1 hand axe (Scourgeborne Waraxe) as well as a dps ring (Band of the Bone Colossus). i lose my roll.

Deathbringer Saurfang – Drop trophy (Protector’s Mark of Sanctification) and a agi 1 hand sword (Bloodvenom Blade), i manage to won both.

Dont understand why every one bail after saurfang wihout getting the weekly quest and getting the free 5x emblem of frost.

Now with 49 frost after the raid, PVE wise, stuck with 1x T10, 1x T10.5, still 232 level legging, but im glad to get the extra (Bloodvenom Blade), its so cool to duel wield it….

PVP wise, stuck with 2xrelentless, 2xfurious and all without rating requirement’s wrathful offset.

Got enough arena points and honor to buy  a third relentless shoulder, but…

1) Should i get the relentless shoulder? while Emblem of frost for a new T10 for PVE?

2) If buy new T10, buy legging (95 frost – more farming)? (Since im still  stuck with 232 level legging?) or buy T10 shoulder (60 frost) and pray again with after week for pants and hands to drop in VOA?

3) Should i get the relentless chest? while use Emblem of frost to buy the shoulder (shoulder cost 60 frost, while chest cost 95 frost – a pain in the ass, i know)

Edit: 4) probbaly gonna craft the leatherworking mail pants…..

In summary, my dillema now is where PVE vs PVP.

Can’t wait to get lucky again….

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