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Comeback Scys – March 9, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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Hi, Scys here. Finally i’m back to share some part of my life with you all again. Start with how my life got change by 50% due to some story that i`ll tell you all here.

On the end of December when i hang out with my bro, where we used to chill out every week back then the time he’s busy with all the college works. So he asked me and my buddy out to talk about some stuff that might get us interested into it. Somethings Inspiring and new for us he said.

So we both hook at up old town not far away from my house. After 30 minutes of conference he finally start to talk about his inspiring and new things that might get us interest into it. It is a insurance company that offering some fabulous offer for the agent and the client itself. So i get interest on that even he said it before, haha.. So i needed to go for the exam that is required for and agent to get the license.  I given 2 weeks before the exam that happen at Wisma Maju Junction where all the insurance agents get their license at the goverment office that conduct this exam. Got there after 2 weeks of study that not that hard due to most of the question that gonna ask is somehow related to my studies in the business subjects. So i manage to get pass for it.

On that day onwards, me myself is a authorized insurance agent under the company of Hong Leong Assurance. I’m very grateful that i able to be an agent , and i started to run some sales on the day i get all the details on my product and information. With this i started to run some busy routine of calling people for a meet up and try to sell them what is offer from my company where i do feel it is a good offer for people with kids where it helps people to save their money for children education funds without they realize it.

Is not a scam or anythings just that it happen to be just like a saving deposit into a bank but giving out a big interest pay back after some years. Get to run this stuff by my own and with the help of my upper management officer that giving me help and encouragement to continue my sales.

After few months of work, i still not doing that well maybe i lack of luck i guess. Or i not that good in selling yet? I not sure but i’m trying hard to improve myself to full fill what is needed to be successful.

Oh finally i`m back to the WoW life. On one night after my work and back home tiring but it still too early to sleep at 8pm. So i was wondering what can i do in this hour with tiring body and leg , clicking on the computer icon and finally i saw my WoW icon. Clicked it appear to the log in site, was blur for seconds of what to key in so that i manage to log in! No idea after minutes of thinking finally make my decision to call up my friend at canada with my skype and asked for the username and pass since he play for fun when i’m busy with work.

Manage to get my id so i happily log in and happy because so many buddy Pst me and say * hi buddy you are back! * shocked haha…Since that day i play back my WoW after i free from work i’ll log in and do some arena with my friend or raid with them. Is kind of fun play with ur friend and laugh, joke around.  So till then this is what happen to me in this few months where nothing much change and still remain single xD. That all.. cheer! ^_^2

Edit: Edit for fun….

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