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My wish list for Arsenal!

Christmas gone, but im gonna make some wish in regards to the arsenal football team:

  1. Aaron ramsey, get well soon…
  2. Nicklas bendtner found his shooting boot….
  3. Samir Nasri, drrible like Messi
  4. Alex Song roam the midfield like Viera
  5. Eduardo score again just like pre injured
  6. We get a new reliable goalkeeper…
  7. If not a new keeper, change the keeper coach please…
  8. Get a young defender…
  9. Hope Sol campbell get 20 years old younger
  10. William gallas, too should get younger…
  11. Carlos vela play like Carlos Tevez
  12. Jack Wilshere play like Wayne Rooney
  13. Need Diaby to be Zidane…
  14. Let Fabianski do Yoga, he need to relax
  15. Oh.. Rosicky should shoottttt more….
  16. Let me take the corner
  17. We win the Champions league…
  18. No no, dun draw against Man Utd or Chealsea in the Champions league..
  19. Dun make me cry…. Win all game pls…
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