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Arsenal 2 – 2 Barcelona – Lucky Arsenal again… Good fighting spirit…

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Well, i cant possibly not writing any thing about the game of the year  between Arsenal and Barcelona

The game

I cried watching the game, but for two different reasons.

First half: I cried in the first half due to how poor we played… defensive holes everywhere, player running here and there, no coordination, again we are lucky to be leveled in half time… Almunia…. he single-handed save arsenal from going behind.

2nd Half: I cried watching our offside trap falter… keeper mistake (the first goal in particular, and second since it goes in to the keeper’s near post) Then, i cried watching the team fight back, watching Fabregas limping and play on… Walcott plays magnificently.. although the penalty looks ambiguous, again its lucky….

The player

GK: Keeper not playing particularly well, some good save here and there, but he seems to make mistake a habit nowadays…

Defender: Glichy played well shadowing Messi…Messi who? No where to be seen… Sagna, solid game,Vermalen simply signing of the season, Gallas, mistake to be even on the field, Song…. my favorite…

Midfield: Nasri, he is fast and skillful, comfortable on the ball… Arshavin, injured and too little showing before being subsitute…. fabregas, nuff say, he is instrumental in Arsenal midfield… Diaby, some shaky play but overall his present give arsenal height together with Big Dane.

Striker: Big Dane…. Good game overall, just wish that he can control the ball better…. but having Puyol at your neck will not be easy…

Shame that Puyol get send off…


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