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MOKO’s day 04-04-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 10

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Haven’t been updating my blog for quite awhile, being lazy is no good.

Gear wise,

PVE: Im now 3 T10, 1 T10.5 main set, Wodin neck, 264 ZOD bow, LW 264 Mail Pants, LW 264 Mail Shoe, WFS + DBW – 5,900 GS

PVP: Im now 3 Relentless, 1 Wrathful main set, Wrathful Belt, honor bought Wrathful and relentless offset + some PVE gear

Achievement wise,

ICC 10: Able to down Dreamwalker for the first time today, so its 7/12

ICC 25: Down Festergut the first time few days ago, so its 5/12

Guild wise,

Alot of geared peoples left the guild due to lack of progression, some new guildy came in, one particular good druid bear tank, he is geared and good tank, while other newcomer are not so geared, patient wearing thin for some people… the guild need more new recruit tho. Some of the geared people also not active at the moment. Thinking of changing guild but after considering my raiding time, still its best to stay for now.

PVP arena wise,

2v2: Left my 2v2 team, help my brother to get some points this week since his usual partner not available. He is gonna go run 2v2 with rogue starting next week, so im still not sure what i wanna do with my 2v2

3v3: Haven’t played a game since last week, Rogue, Hunter, RShaman seems to be  pretty solid, just dun have the enthusiastic for game. Seen plenty of team looking for hunter for PHD or Beastcleave team. Maybe i should, give it a try.


Gold wise, im back to 20k gold after initially spending for primodial saronite for my wodin neck, mail craft legging and shoe.

Business wise, pretty good business with Lw pants enchant, bad business with Infinite dust but good business again with Greater cosmic essence.

Well, thats it for now.,..

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