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Stargate Universe Review – Ep 10 – 12 Crap…

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Episode 10

Is it me or everyone else also think that the new Stargate Universe are boring? Watching episode ten now, and a homicide investigation on the ship? Come on, leave the investigation thing to CSI. Then with suspicion on Young, and the distrust atmosphere on the ship, its gives me carbon of LOST (TV-series) feeling  – crap. Then it become some court stuff, defendant and court hearing, omg, PRACTICE,  and NCIS? I don’t even bother to finish the episode.

Sgt. Spencer is found dead, and Col. Young is implicated in his possible murder. Meanwhile, a crew member tries to use the chair interface and Rush is abandoned on an alien planet, when Col. Young discovers that Rush is the one who framed him.

Get creative…

Episode 11

OMG, there’s alien. Now that’s fun. OMG again, space ships… haha.. alien speaks English and tell: U BADASS, SURRENDER! OMG again, fighter alien ships…. Cool… first real space battle.. haha.. well, alien fighters not cool, looks dull, the design looks dull…

Alien in the house (well ship)… haha they capture someone (Chloe), and the alien looks like octopus head…

A malfunction with the communication stones puts Young accidentally finding himself onboard an alien vessel before quickly transporting back onto Destiny. When the expedition tries to get into contact with the aliens, they find themselves under attack. Chloe is kidnapped and when Col. Young attempts a rescue, he finds Rush as a prisoner on the ship. Together Rush and Chloe escape and Rush supposedly makes peace with Col. Young.

Haha, go to their ship and rescue.. the succeed. crap, but at least there’s alien… What they really want, is Destiny!

Episode 12

Nightmare… bla, Lost again… Haha spy ship. BOOM, shuttle vaporize… hahha…., internal power shifting… haha alien onboard… Cool tracking device on the chest, never thought of that. Dialing the shield. ER. to take off tracking device.  Hyberspace jump before shield wear off.

Rush suspects that following the events of “Space”, there may be a tracking device on Destiny’s hull, while a group executes a coup d’état onboard. The Destiny then comes under attack from the aliens. The military members of the crew are locked up in a section of the ship. Young and Greer escape and let the rest of the military go, and find out that Rush was implanted with a tracking device, and he was afraid that if Young knew about it, he would be killed. The tracking device is removed, and the Destiny jumps into FTL.

Not too bad episode, just the ship fighting scene = boring, and i have to really comment on the design of those ships, its terrible. The alien newly met alien enemy is not so high tech after all, overall, lets hope that we can learn more about the enemy in the future episodes.


The series is starting to show some promising, hopefully it will be more phew phew and less qq in the future episodes.

Edit: added StargateWiki summary for the episode.

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