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Greentea 16 April 2010 – Friday night random / Work / Life

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Its friday night in Malaysia, finally able to fix my headphone to allow speaking in ventrillo, now, its my time to trash the vent.

Busy as always in the office, but seriously started to feel jaded, repetition of work, lack of challenge, no clear objectives, lack of clear KPI, is killing me. Trying hard to wear a smile whole day long, no point being all stressed up just because of some not so lucky break in work. Playing wow there, listening to some music, downloading some songs / movie, surfing net, pretty standard friday night for me, sigh, gonna change this lifestyle as soon as possible. Need an impetus for the change, wonder when i can get cf for my new family house, so me and my family can finally move, a move which i believe will be a life changer for me. It’s the start of a fresh and renew life, more fruitful, and positive life.

Love life still pretty dry at the moment, not sure how happy she is, but at least she made up her mind, something that i seriously think that she lack all this while. Her work neighbour / colleague  seems to be under love stress, not sure what happened there, but to see him under so much love trouble, make me wonder who is he to give critical advice to her when he himself is struggling with his love life. Get a lot of cheer and ask from friends, colleagues and even call from my ex, chatting with me and ask me to hold on and cheer up. In truth, i’m all wound up this round, gonna take me a while to ever start to fall in love again.

Since i miss my MBA graduation ceremony on 12 April 2010, roughly a week ago from today, just done sending email to my University to get them to sent me my testamur for completion, gonna get my official cert and start searching for alternative career opportunities. no matter how satisfy i am with our current job, its always a good idea to keep looking, meh, i read that from the book “Who move my cheese?”….

Doubt that i can achieve the goal that i set for myself by the next appraisal, the job that i’m currently assigned to are simply too insignificant to get notice. I felt like a raw diamond waiting to get polish, the sad part is, i am still under the ground waiting for ppl to realize my existence. I get advice from friend to take action, be aggressive to sell myself, but hey, that is simply not my way of principal, i hate overselling. Don’t feel like going to my boss to clarify my position, someone her stature, should knows and understand my expectation and feelings, getting an MBA graduate with reasonable working experience plus managerial experience to work on excel mainly day in day out is not something i call optimizing the resources. To her credit, in my 9 months work so far in the organization, spanning two separate unit, im now feeling more confident, better equipped and BATTLE ready.

While i am sitting on the bench waiting for substitution, i am eager and driven to prove myself on the field. Stay positive is all that i can do now. a diamond shine forever, maybe what i need is time.

Until then, later.

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