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MOKO’s day 17-04-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 11

Hey, its raid day and its MOKO day again. As usual, i head up to the guild ICC 25 man, sigh, only 18 people show up on time, to wait those late comer, we formed group to clear TOC 25 partial PUG, while waiting for more member to show up for ICC 25. Keep losing out to my rogue guild mate on dps, hmmm, i need more gear…

Finally we done TOC 25 in like 35 – 45 min, then we form group for the much delayed ICC 25, a broken collection of guild mate, some geared and some not so geared members. Not to complaint, but some of the guildmate really need to learn about their class, dpsing sub 4k dps in ICC 25 is totally unacceptable. One of them even raid past the first 2 boss, with Full furious PVP gear. He is a hunter and i simply can’t blame people for labeling hunter as huntard, he is in fact the true example of huntard. I am a huntard too…. just dont tell anyone.

We pass through first boss, second boss, third boss and Fourth boss, Saurfang with ease. First boss, its pretty messy when people bouncing around, and i simply don’t understand why healer are not stacking with the rest of the melee. Second boss, i’m being asked by raid leader to bring the fanatic from right side to left side (left group with alot of caster), well, i didn’t follow instruction, i just stand at nice distance between the lady and the right adds, dpsing every adds, it helps, since im a survivor, instead of Marksmanship. I keep dpsing but still im too “huntard” and died hitting by a ghost.

Third boss, is lol. Nothing much to mention. Fourth boss hmm, this is where MOKO day happens. It takes us four marks before finally able to down Saurfang, it’s definitely one of the worst display i have seen in our ICC 25 run. Well, the setup is not great, alot of people not showing up, but still im cool, clearing it without ease will deem too boring.

Now, the Moko day part, k, this is what happened, theres 2 T10.5 token dropped. I was like so happy and lol, yes 2 token, and token is all that i need. We ran on DKP, first bid announced, and second bid anonymous. I have like 130 dkp at that time, i knew i have a few fella to beat. I knew one of the hunter mate have more dkp then me, another warrior will probably bid for it too. The bid start off with 10 dkp, someone bid 75dkp, i bid 100 dkp, i knew i will probably lose out on this one. The result, the warrior got it with 150 dkp.

Then the second token, first bid 75 dkp, i understand that this will be my last chance to get hold of the token, so i showhand whatever dkp i have, i bid 123 dkp, i knew that my main competitor is the other hunter which have like 250+ dkp, out of expectation, it goes to a shaman, a rl fren of mine, someone who i never thought of bidding, in truth, i was devastated, sad, disappointed.

Knowing that my this rl shaman friend, gonna stop wow soon once his account expired due to the upcoming exam, i pst him and check with him, whether he is continuing his subscription, i thought i wanna buy over the token from him. Then, he told me, he not reloading, he pass back the token to the master looter, and seems, i am the one who won the bid (since i am the second highest bid). I was like wtf, i get pst from the master looter and he trade me the Token. I am delighted with the turn of event. I love my shaman friend, love him for understanding, it’s probably the best decision for the guild progression as well.

So with my sole T10.5 chest i won like months ago, i now received my second token, then we continue the raid at the next wing. We tried Dreamwalker, wipe, we tried festergut, wipe, we tried Rotface, wipe. After like a total 5 wipe with 3 bosses, we dismissed the raid due to one of the pally mate got to go.

I pst the warrior guildmate that won the first token. I thought, let’s try to buy over the token from him. To make the long story short, i offer him 10k gold, he said ok and i thought, well spending one-third of my fortune on a token will seems reasonable, those gold are not earning me interest anyway. Before he change his mind, i log on to my alt and grab the gold, log in back go to the meet up place and traded the token.  He seems to be pretty happy, he even thanks me, and pst me, said, this is the first time he have so much gold. Thank you to him indeed.

So there goes my two T10.5 in today’s raid. Decided to exchange the tokens for my Helm and shoulder (i already have T10.5 Chest), so i only left T10.5 hand (i wear LW 264 pants) for me to focus. I can either get it from future raid or VOA 25.

Also, what makes me more happy is: i am now officially 6k GS.Yes i know i am a Gear score whore…

I’m lucky and i can still feel the power.

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