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ICC 10 PUG Delight 18-04-2010 – A World of Warcraft Story 12

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Joined a geared PUG run early in the morning, ironically we have waited > 1 hour for the group to set up, the raid leader seems to only invite those geared and know fight people. Me and my guildy Broks, joined, and on the verge of a happy PUG.

The group was awesome, everyone seems so pleasant, and relax, i guess, most of them have good progression in the game, most of them is like 11/12 in 10 man. The ret pally raid leader from neighboring guild is particularly impressed me. He posed good leadership throughout the fights, give good explanation to new fella (we have a offtank that kind of new, and people like me and Broks that only 7/12), clarify stuffs in a clear manner, he just couldn’t do it any better.

Also, we have a shaman, which is the new alternate for a server PVP rogue, well, he is kind of undergeared, average 2.8 – 3.5k dps in fights, we are like thoroughly carrying him. But he do have a very geared rogue tho, we cleared through the first 4 boss all 1 shot, died once at festergut, lol people stand too near, downed him, died once also at Rotface, lol not sure why, downed him too. Then we continue to Professor, the shaman decided to switch out and bring in his rogue, died once at Prof, and downed him the second try. Well, it seems we made it a habit to wipe once tho, we wipe once at Dreamwalker @ 99% (ya i know, its bullshit) then we saved her (not downed) the next time.

Then the raidleader need to go, and that’s when we call it. Well for a PUG group, i believe that we have enough to down further 2 more boss (Blood Prince and Queen). The best thing about the group is where the DPS is good, where at least 3 of us having average dps of 8k++, we are able to down those adds (especially prof & dream) to make the raid particular ease.

With this good pug, im officially 8/12 at ICC10, ya i knew it is kind of slow progression, but when u are not as hard as me, i feel this is pretty good result for someone in different timezone (can’t raid as much with progression guild that run raid on weekend).

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