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My Favorite Mistake

My favorite mistake is when i’m not making any…

Edit: I have make may mistake along my life, which i regret greatly, but i sincerely do not recall any favorite mistake. How do we define as favorite? should it be funny? everlasting? or simply, the mistake that makes you the person you are today?

Well people learn from mistakes, especially their own mistakes, through reflection and self rectification, it takes great courage to reveal your own mistakes and face them without fear.

Recently read this article in Business week, titled: “Thirty ways to wreck your career” by Jeff Schmitt. The article suggest 30 career mistakes take will potentially sabotage your career. I found it pretty interesting read, and i found many hold true to what it says. After a 15 minutes read into article’s 30 mistakes, I’m determine to fix myself. Here is how i’m gonna do to avoid these career mistakes, i’m gonna do it with a positive adaptation to the article:-

  • I will always concentrate. I will not spend my hours imagining the next job…and the stature, travel, and camaraderie i’d enjoy. I will not day dreaming with the expense of the present. I will set the standard for my role or rack up visible accomplishments. I’ve believe that performance is the true interview for the next level.

  • I will not made the devil’s wager, giving up time now and hoping to get it back later. I will take choices and not giving excuses to do what i need to do, without too focus, or single minded on a task. Avoid making choices is the worst choice of all.

  • I will not rely to the future to take care of itself, I set goals or take those daily steps to prepare for my big break.  I work hard with direction and discipline to go with my desire. So i will not wasting all those years and all that energy. I will adapt myself to the surrounding and overtake the world, before the world passes me by.

  • I will ask myself the right questions: Where do I want to go? What do I need to get there? I will follow through the questions and hold myself accountable. I’ll never take the easy way out. I will not quit before i start. I don’t mind failure or humiliation, I’ll will grow, bigger and stronger.

  • I’ve learn to think big and visualize my many possibilities in a different job, location, company, or industry. I will take an inventory of my talents and how

    I could translate them to success. I will not wait for my white knight to discover, rescue, and groom me. Hey I’m not gay.

  • I will disband the mentality that hard work is sufficient; whereby results will speak for themselves. I will stop focus squarely on the job. I will start investing my time in making connections beyond my little world. I need Schmoozing and self-promotion. I need to make an impression. I will no more hiding in plain sight, like a shy teen at a dance and watching enviously as your classmates pair off. I will not take myself for granted.

  • I know nothing, there’s no end to knowledge. I will not grown content and plateaued about learning on the job. I will always be curious and open to new ideas and experiences. With all the successful people

    around, I will take time to understand what makes them tick. I will improve my knowledge and reflect more. My value and skill

    set are improving —and I’m leading leading in the race, as a result.

  • I will filter myself with cursed, brayed loudly, and cracked off-color jokes. I will not let them see me as an impudent loose cannon who lacks the maturity to handle real responsibilities.

  • I will not takes thing personal. I will not act like my career is on the line every day. I will stop wearing my emotions for all to see. When a crisis hits, I will not get rattled, flood with anger, and lash out. I will handle setback well. My peers knows i will be able  to handle pressure well. Eventually, my good composure and self control will make it a good reason to promote me.

  • I will take my job seriously. I will keep my utmost passion with my job. I want to be great. I believed the job gave me a higher purpose. I will always go for extra mile, i will retain my pride, i will keep my heart, so that everyone picked up the vibe that I’m happy with my job.

  • I will not dwell on the past, i will let things go. I hold no grudges, i will not obsess with identifying those person I’d ignored, disappointed, or hurt. I will not Fill myself with regret, I will learn to forgive and start fresh. I will not allow demons to distract and consume myself. The past will not be an excuse to wallow in self-pity and avoid facing my flaws and fallacies.

  • Our biggest regrets often stem from what we never do. I will never second-guessed myself. I will commit to a specific path, career, or company. I will focus, and allow my options open.

  • I will never have the thought that Talent is all you need, i will never walk alone. I will heed advice, accept criticism, follow directions, or solicit help.  I will avoid growing myself as self-indulgent, inflexible, and out of touch.

  • I will never thinks that company revolves around me, i am not priority to anyone, i will not aimlessly promoting my agenda, i will not trying to prove that i am smarter. I will not consume myself with jealousy. I treat my peers with respect, i listen, pitch in, and help them shine.

  • “I can do it” is my mantra. I will not terrify with the unknown and risks of the future. I will stop imagining the worst-case scenarios such as losing my home, business, reputation, and family as debts and

    events spiral out of control. I will not shy away from going after what i want. I will not sparing myself with embarrassment, rejection, and regret. I will not devoting all my energies to worry.

  • I believe prestige comes with sacrifice.I will volunteer myself for even the  unglamorous tasks. I will not craving for home runs instead of singles. I will talk a good game, and follow through. All the projects I lead and successes I amass—are what makes me visible and credible. And it’s a long, grueling process to prove my mettle. There are no shortcuts.

  • I will never fear the moment i won’t have the answer, or when i’m exposed to my weak, inadequate, or wrong. I will walk out from my comfort zone. Nothing held me back, i am not a coward.

  • My real work really starts after i leave the office. I will earn another degree, volunteer, network, master new languages and technologies, build a personal brand, and keep pace with

    industry trends instead of flipping channels and surf the Net.

  • I will not have my limits set by less talented and less capable people. Whenever opportunities arise, I will never doubt myself as if  I’ve taken the right classes or possess the right experience. I will always prove the critics wrong.

  • Hard work, loyalty, and good behavior are no longer enough. When the balance sheets go red, i am as vulnerable as the next employee. I will be my own publicist, trainer, and agent. The only person watching my back is myself.

  • My teachers told me not to measure myself against others. They claimed opportunities would come if i just worked hard. But i will not believe that i am only competing against myself. In reality, i am being measured alongside my peers. As my rivals, they’re looking for ways to set themselves apart. It’s always Competition.

  • I will never believe that good things will happen if i just hold out a little longer. Staying quiet and loyal without proper compensation is a big no no. Truth is, you’re terrified of the big, bad world.

  • I believe change is always on the horizon, life is never safe and predictable. I will embrace new things, whether it’s technologies, experiences, processes, philosophies, or hierarchies. I will take the chance to glimpse the opportunities to fill gaps, broaden and my world, and lead. I will not stuck in my own ways.

  • I will find time, and yearn myself  to share my ambitions with my superiors. I will not worried the wrong response will cost me my relationship, influence, or job.

  • I’m there to do a job, and i will not allow my daily frustrations to build up. I will stop feeling undervalued and overlooked because, that made it so easy to quit in so many little ways. I will not allow my anger to  fester, and allow its weight to wear me down. Instead of complaining, I will step back and appreciate my good fortune.

  • Although i see myself as special, i will never expect instant gratification. I may be working below my capabilities, but i need to prove myself and move forward without alienating everyone around me, I will stay patient. Never swim against the current.

  • I will never bully, circumvent chain of command, ignore directives, and burn bridges to get things done. Things will only get away for so long. In the end, no one is above the rules or indispensable. And, no one likes you.

  • I will build my network.I’ll reach out to those who’ll challenge me, provide regular feedback, tout my successes, open doors, and remind me how good i could be.

  • I will take note of what my words and body language convey, if i’m hiding any discomfort, boredom, or hostility, my colleagues can decipher my true sentiments. When there’s a disconnect between perception and reality, perception wins, and i lose. Hence, i need to stay alert and improve self awareness.

  • I will recognize potential opportunities to capitalize on new technologies, trends, and markets. I will focus on the broader strategic issues and shifts by constantly learning knowledge beyond today.

I will grow myself to a successful and rewarding career.

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