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Ruby Sanctum, i want your loot – A World of Warcraft Story 13

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
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Howdy everyone, it has been 2 and a half month since the last post, I’m not exactly busy, but just being slacking in posting stuff. I am no way a good writer here, most of the time, I’m just ego boasting my own wow achievement as well as some of my pathetic real life event. So, without further delay, I’m gonna tell you more about my World of Warcraft experience.

First of all, there’s not much of progression since 2 months ago, im still pretty much stuck at 8/12 ICC 10 Normal, 6/12 ICC 25 Normal. The only different is, im starting do at least clearing Heroic Lootship in both 10 and 25man. Im 5/12 ICC 10 Heroic, 1/12 ICC 25 Heroic. I’m not in a progression guild (i see my guild as a casual one) and therefore, im not progressing much. I’m having 6k gs without downing Lich king. Pathetic. The highlight of my gear, im with two 277 Scourgeborne Waraxe, 4 sanc T10, crafted 264 shoe, pants and BOE wodin neck. And finally, im 1/3 Gold cap.

My aim is to get my hands on the new Ruby Sanctum 25man hunter loot, priority like this, ARP trinket > Ring > Shoe

But… i heard its hard…

Also, im still craving for the 277 mail pysical dps wrist at 25man heroic lootship.

Whats my other aim?

Oh, i have been leveling my mage these days, she is suppose to be my RP toon… hah… i guess, i need to have a backup toon, in case hunter sucks in Cataclysm, therefore, i aim to get my mage to level 80 before cata. Oh, the hunter cata preview makes me drooling with the prospect of playing with the new camouflage talent, plenty of new talent, impressive, but kind of worry with the whole focus replace mana thingy….. I WANT MY ASPECT OF VIPER BACK….

Edit: I haven’t try RS 10 man yet, but they all suggest that 10 man is actually harder than 25man, gonna try RS 25man in half an hour soon, but the sad part is, the don’t really see 25 guildmate online at the moment, the guild is dying.

How can i tell my guild master and its officers (which i’m one of them) that the guild need to change, in order to survive. Should i be content with a casual guild? Two of my real life and guild mate wow friend had left the guild and joined another more aggressive, established,progression guild. But the raid time is not actually favor to me – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m fine with raiding Wednesday and Thursday, but Monday… i have my weekly Futsal game with my old school mate, i have been raiding the futsal court for the past 7 years, and it is seriously not something i will give up for a game. Real life > WOW all the time, so here i am writing this, stuck in this guild. Oh you may ask, why can’t i look up for other guild that fit into my play time, well, its unless it’s an Asia / Asian guild, or else, i am unable to fit into any US guild raid schedule because of time different. Maybe its really time for me to think of migrating to an oceanic server.

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