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Stand beside me, will you?

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My dear Baby Panda,

It’s been quite awhile since we last talked to each other. I’m quite amazed how fast the time flies, dipping my head in work is probably the best I can do throughout this period to heal myself. I’m hurt, alright, 6 months later, am I healed?

Quite the opposite, the pain get escalated throughout my body and I felt pain in my heart, my chest, and I seriously believe, no pain killer in this planet will be able to stop them.

Alright, I am exaggerating; my life is empty all this while, hoping that you may one day decide to come back. But you seem happy nowadays, at least on the surface, I have totally no idea of how your life is shaping nowadays. It’s just awkward to think of you so often when you’re no longer showing me your love.

I just felt like we, or at least I have to do something now, or I will regret forever, let’s start talking to each other will you? May be trying replying to my emails; take your time to reply me then. Neglecting me, scaring that you will once again fall in love with me, shouldn’t be the main reason why we stop being friends. If you have faith and confident about your current relationship, don’t avoid me please. I really beg you. Well, if you are not, then the more reason why we should start talking to each other.

A lot happened in the past 6 months, I’m moving soon, did I tell you? My new house is getting renovated and gonna move in once it’s done. Oh, and I’m going to have my own puppy, I miss the puppy that I gave it to you too much, gonna get myself a real one. I assume that you are taking great care of her, at least put her in your warm drawer.

I once thought u are merely part of me, but now, I realise you are the one that will shape my life when I’m in need. The faith is, if you can’t be part of me now, please stand beside me, will you?

Yours faithful,

Big Panda

May 31, 2010

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