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Blog update 29-07-2010

Havent been posting for quite awhile, sending this from my office through the email blog post feature, a lot of stuff happened in the past 1 month.

To summarize,

  • I stopped my pursuit to lady K, ending all hope that she will change her mind, long story. Albeit disappointed, at least I’m free to hook up with someone else. I really have to stop falling in love.

  • Place order for a new Honda City, been planning on this for almost a year now, and finally it’s time to go for it.

  • Not everything going as plan, not gonna move house for now, although I’m kind of relief because of it. It cost way too much to move.

  • To compensate the disappointment of not able to move into the new house, we (family) bought a 50 inch new Plasma TV, and now suddenly, the living room feels like a theatre.

  • Also, we’re selling the new house, 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 20×70 double storeys Terrence house. RM450, 000 ++ any buyer?

  • Ah, me and my brother decided its time to switch to Taiwan wow, a few of my real life friends, we just started leveling, both of us stop our Us wow subscription, although mine will only expired in mid of August, but hardly I’m online nowadays, mostly I check the AH to buy some bargain stuff in waits for Cataclysm, who knows, I might go back to Us wow, when the time is right.

  • Oh, I played an Alliance Nightelf druid this round, while my brother play a human warlock, ya u guess it right, we play Alliance instead of Horde this time round.

  • Ah, lastly, planning to change my phone to Blackberry Bold 9700, just need to go signup the plan, and voila, I can now do blogging on the move.

That’s all for now.

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