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Moko diary – 04 August 2010

Ok, I have been playing world of warcraft Cataclysm beta for the past two days. Never actually find any time to wrote about this. I have double and triple check to ensure that I’m really gotten the key and not some bad keylogger or malicious scheme to steal my account. I logged into the battle.net account. Voila, there’s the Cataclysm.

In fact, it came as a major surprise to me to get a beta key, ironically a week after I cancel my current wow subscription. If my conspiracy theory hold true, blizzard take beta key as part of the customer retentionCataclysm beta key, my nonsense advise is to cancel your subscription now, I mean, now. programme. So if u dream for a

The first trouble I have with Cataclysm is comes with installation. I downloaded the installer, and start my slow and painful downloading journey. I have to freeup 13 gig of hard disk space to commence the download and installation process. The first try didn’t went well, the installation when error at round 70++. Then i realize, i need around 30 gig in total of free space (after i read in forum), so i have to delete my beloved “porn” to free up the enormous space.

So i start download again, this time, it went smoothly and voila. Download successful. I logged into the game, only to find that, i need do patching. So, after another few more hours, i finally logged into the game. It start off by…. (To be continue)

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