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Lets Interview Myself – World of Warcraft Journey

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Haven’t been logging into the blog for quite awhile, in fact the last proper post (excluding those random picture) stand at almost 3 months ago. So, where have I been in the past 3 months? Travel? Alien? Jungle? The answer is, no where.

How your life is resembles in WOW?

White collar life is pretty dull, working on given assignment is not enough. It requires a lot of initiatives and motivation to smooth talk and prove to others to believe in your skill. In WOW (World of Warcraft) terms it’s more or less, joining a guild, making friends, and securing your raid spot for the guild raid. By taking numerous initiatives, u gain trust and work up the ladder and get promoted. The biggest different between real life and your WOW, well, a game is a game, if u screw your reputation, u get multiple options to regain them, by changing your toon name, by transferring to another server, by joining another guild and pray no one aware of your bad reputation. In fact, in game, who cares about your reputation. But, in real life, it is much much harder to change a name, moving to another country, or joining another company without being refer to, unless u mean joining a role-playing guild from a raiding guild. It is as good as, joining a totally different industry, when your reputation is pretty bad in another.

How bout some WOW background?

Ok. About my wow history, I started playing wow after my brother downloading the wow client back from the local lan shop he worked part time. It’s BC time (Burning Crusade), we end up playing at one of the reknown private server in our country. Fast forward 1 years, I’m decided to start my entourage at US WOW, after a bunch of my real life friends started playing there. My brother joined me briefly after WOTLK, but half a year after that, everyone stop wow due to multiple reasons we can imagine, lagging, monthly subscription fees, etc. A lot of the old friends who used to play wow in BC time, were reluctant to fork out the money to buy WOTLK CD KEY. By July 2010, only 3 of us left in US Gorggonash Server. With the upcoming, Catalysm expansion, all of my friends are getting really excited (past of it due to our great sales pitch about how great the game is, and what they have missed in WOTLK).

So, how to play in Catalysm without buying the expensive CD key?

The answer is WOW – TW (Taiwan), monthly reload card much like the monthly subscription, or you can even opt to play with minimal game card with reducing game time. Unless they gonna charge additional sum for cata, else if they operate their subscription strategy much like WOTLK then, u gonna save like RM250 for the CD key.

It seems perfect, so what is the catch? Oh, the game is in mandarin. If u are not Chinese educated, u bared no choice in playing, because u hardly understand a word. Even for people like me, who grow up under Chinese education, it is still way too difficult for me to understand or digest.

How to solve the problem?

Oh, u can get a language pack to play WOW – TW with English Client, questing in English quest line, as well as able to read Chinese word, typing by others.

So, how far you go?

Well, I’m leveling my current level 63 Mage – Linaslayer, while my brother, play a level 80 Druid and currently leveling another Warlock.

Why not hunter?

Because hunter sucks. Serious, they do fine in PVE, but it’s a bit harder than average in PVP context. Seriously, I play my mage these days, I am only level 63 mage but I have more utility for PVP than a level 80 hunter.

Why Mage > Hunter?

It’s way too early to tell what is waiting in place in cata for both of the class, while I do have a hand into cata beta, I didn’t actually have chance to try the mage. On the surface, mage do offer a lot more utility than a hunter, for frost mage, u get frost nova, ice barrier, deep freeze, even the menacing frost bolt give chill effect which slow the hell out of everything. Hunter? Ya, finally scatter shot gonna be blanket across all spec, what else we get? A hard nerf predator like camoflauge? Compare with the mage new ability in cata, mage get a new cc, also, cone of cold able to freeze people. And finally, with the removal of portal, enough said, Mage > Hunter, I get free portal and u are not.

What aspect in hunter than u will miss once in Catalysm?

Well, it is way too early to answer this, I guess definitely it won’t be aspect of the monkey because monkey is kind of Godly. In truth, I gonna miss the Hunter, gonna catch them all ability, with the changes to hunter stable and the ability to catch like 20++ pet, its gonna be a lot of funs, also opening out hunter to more casual and newbie.

So, only newbie play a hunter?

Nope, if u can play a newbie class the Godlike way then, go ahead, it’s just gonna take freaking lot of effort to play it right.

So what now?

I am looking for a way to utilize my pile of excess gold in the US server

How much do u have?

You ask this question on behalf of the hacker right? No fret, I have 6 digit of excess gold in my US toon. Anyone care to trade?

Last question, will u update your blog a little bit more often?

Not sure, really, people read my blog? I’ll try.

Note: I knew I spell catalysm wrongly.

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